AOE4 - Make it playable on Xbox petition

I just watched the reveal, I love the game and can’t wait for it to come out! I wanted to add one thing though, for some people playing on the Xbox is their best way to experience video games because they don’t have a powerful enough gaming PC for new games. I wanted to say that if you allowed the game to be played on the Xbox with mouse and Keyboard you would open up your market on the game and make more revenue. Just make sure it’s obvious you need to play the game using mouse and keyboard in the purchase screen and it’s a win-win situation.

A lot of gamers play the Xbox at a desk and already have a mouse and keyboard hooked up to it.

Thank you for your time if you are reading this!


I’ve played every aoe game on pc and will get aoe4 on pc as well. That being said, I absolutely adore halo wars 2 on xbox and my younger brother who has never really gotten into PC plays halo wars as one of his most frequent games on console. I truly believe a control scheme similar to halo wars used in aoe 4 could possibly work. Might need seperate queues from pc purely because of how fast pc players can do things but that doesnt stop ai skirmishes, campaigns or pvp between xbox users.

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I’m not sure they’re even able to make Xbox games play mouse and keyboard, I’ve never heard of that before. I wonder how high the requirements will be for AoE 4

The greed of console gaming is what has sucked the life out of the RTS community, for 20 years. The problem is games are developed console first and then the PC game is underdeveloped, cripple and handicapped.


Well halo wars 2 is also available pc and console crossplay. So I think that can be done without seperating players. And HW2 has an option for consoles, if players don’t want to play against PC players they can simply do that.

I’m playing on PC and don’t even have console but that can increase player base very well.

Totalmente de acuerdo, si lo creen oportuno los desarrolladores, que el teclado y el ratón lo implementen de forma obligatoria. Y si consideran que solo puede funcionar en Series X/S, pues que así sea. Cuantas mas opciones mejor, la opción de solo PC ya la tenemos.


it’s a thing, i heard they added support last year or maybe it was 2 years ago?

@HolyProtoss I doubt crossplay will work. Halo is a more simple RTS than AOE. Limited bases are built in specific spots and hotkeys are used to jump through things on the map with minimal scrolling except when directing units.
AOE requires more micro of units and is too slow for controllers to scroll around and match PC controls. Also freely being able to place buildings adds a lot of scrolling around. A game like the settlers might work because you place a building and villagers automatically do the associated job in a targeted area but for aoe where each villager can be controlled a controller will quickly get bogged down.
Unless aoe4 is noticably more simplified than previous entries I dont see cross platform multiplayer being viable.
@Coolberto369 not even sure what youre talking about considering how little rts there is on console but sure… have your little vendetta lmao.

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Majority of RTS players are playing casual games without micro. Giving the crossplay option to console players solves everything.

I thought it was coming to consoles?

I even kinda had speculation that they might port it to the Switch too. Which is why they might tried to keep the graphics a little less demanding.

They’re not planning to release it on consoles.

With a different UI and control system (for group selection etc.) it should be possible to make it playable on a controller. But they’d need to slow the game down for it to work, or automate some of the more demanding tasks that are easily carried out with a m+k.

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If they do make an XBOX version I hope they won’t make an abomination as was done with the AOE2 version which was released on PS2, YouTube link. Or make it so, as the OP suggests that you’d allow for a keyboard and mouse to be connected to an XBOX. Didn’t even know it’s possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the XBOX but here they explain on how to do that.

Exactly, the word greed fits so well here. People need to stop asking for such a game on consoles, unless mouse and keyboard is a given there, which is not the case currently. Not everything has to be dumbed down and ruined for the sake of consoles.

RTS is one of the last gems to continue to shine on PC, although some titles here have been ruined as well by designing them for consoles.

Luckily AoE4 is still a proper full scale RTS built with mouse and keyboard in mind.

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La xbox si permite teclado y ratón. Hagamos que sea OBLIGATORIO para este juego y así dejemos que lo saquen para la consola.

Xbox has mouse and keyboard support. Also Red Alert 3 had very good controls on consoles. There are no limitations, I also think it can be playable with controllers. Devs were planning it but decided not to for now. Because they want to focus on PC first. Which is the right decision.


I’d love to see Age of Empires 4 come to Xbox One, and Xbox series X, and with Command & Conquer Red Alert 3’s controls, Red Alert 3 was a joy to play on Xbox 360/Xbox One and Playstation 3 due to its controls, but I think it’s better to focus on PC first and see how that goes and then release it on Xbox a little later.

I just had a look on RA3 on xbox and no, it is terrible compared to M&K lol. Moving the camera until whatever you want is in your crosshair and cycling through the commands. Just nope, no chance for finesse micro with that, you’d have no chance vs a PC player. It reminded me of very casual RTS players who move the camera with the arrows while frantically looking for buttons with the mouse.

Don’t worry one day you’ll see AoE 4 in mobile phones too. 11

You should check how cross play works for halo wars 2. Console players don’t need to micro like pc players. They can play against only console players or when they want to play against pc players they can simply toggle that option.

Also most casual pc players don’t even micro. They just a move and enjoy the fights and build their base. No need to compare pc vs console.

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Of course we’re going to compare them since AoE is a PC title. I surely wouldnt want to have a console player in my team who is just able to loosely perform certain actions.

And Halo Wars 2 is an RTS specifically designed for consoles first, which is why it is very limited and dumbed down: you can only build stuff where you are told, there’s no proper eco, micro is very basic etc. As a result, it feels rather pointless on PC where you have other expectations. If you enjoy such simplified RTS design, good for you, but this tells you why a proper RTS like AoE can’t be designed with console controllers in mind.

Just a simple crossplay toggle option solves everything for both sides.