AoE4 Map Editor or Content Editor

Hello there,
i was wondering if there will be a Map Editor ingame, like in AoE 1 or 2. They were easy to handle if you just wanted to create some Maps with Units etc. The new Mod-Tool is extremely complicated, even more then the Editor of Warcraft 3, and I dont have time and motivation to learn enough, just so that i can add some hills, trees and units.
Sure, its great for modders or people who want to get deep into scenario-editing, but i think most players just want to play around and have fun with easy mapmaking for themselves.
I started playing when the game was released and was really sad, there was no editor. Then i read it will come in the future and was happy again. I waited patiently only to get this disappointment.
I really like AoE4, buy without an easy Editor, me and my friend will go back to AoE2 and enjoy our own maps there.
I REALLY hope, there will be an easier way to create some funny maps in near future.

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I don’t know, but I would guess a second map editor isnt high on the priority list. But who knows, I’m sure this game will be updated for years to come.

I was intimidated by the interface too, but if you take a little time to get familiar with it, you can ignore most of the buttons and drop your units once you know where they are.

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I also hope there will be an easy ingame editor like in previous Age of Empires. Then more people could add maps which would results in more content and probably more players. Hopefully they will add this in the future.

The problem here is: older Age games are simpler. They can get away with simpler editors.

I’m all for more and better documentation, video guides, etc, but there’s a limit to how far things can be made accessible. These are the tools the developers themselves use.