AOE4 Online expectations

AOE4 must have an offline campaign like AOE3 and Online feature like AOEO
Regarding the online gameplay where users can buy it like a DLC. We can do quests as co op or alone.
Online multiplayer PvP can be accessible for the non DLC buyer too.
The AOE4O will have
Colonial Era ,
World Wars (1910-20 , 1930-1945),
Cold War (1950 - 70, 70-90) and
Modern age scenario (1990- now)
The scenarios will appear like Regional specific Colonial and world wars
Cold War will be like Argos
Modern age will be like Cyprus (AOEO users will know )

cold war and modern age games will be like competing with the AI and have independent allies, Resource tribute to them to become client or subjugation of them by converting their government centre. We could have the common trade route like AOE3. Failure to protect our ally from territorial loss skirmish will make us lose them to the other side. Spies can indulge in conversion activities after research. Instead converting enemy building garrisoning spies will render them unproductive and give map reveal of the building LoS.
We can work on our allies resource mines, farm buildings but not with full resource but for passive trickle of revenue. The rest of engagement will be direct with the enemy like previous AOE.

Civilizations Expected
North America, British commonwealth, Europe West(France, Spain, Belgium, Italy Turkey combined), Germany (East Europe) , Russia Motherland (Soviet Bloc) , China, Japan These will be full civilizations
Pro civilization like India, Africa North(Egypt), Africa South (Zulu) , Latin America, South east asia and Oceania
these civs will have access to coldwar and modern age campaigns


I also think the game will look like this


Actually I don‘t think so. Many people can’t identify with AoE Online and by continuing the series after that long time they will try to keep the atmosphere of the older AoE games.
From my point if view there is no need for online quests in a good RTS and it’s questionable if they want to invest much resources in such a feature.

The modern times are also difficult, although it would be chronologically logical. With WW1 fighting has changed to scouting, airplanes and soldiers in Squads instead of big armies. There are good RTS implementing mechanics for this kind of warfare and AoE4 shouldn’t try to adopt them just because they want to be placed in modern times.
On the other hand it’s hard to have modern times without this mechanics. For example: How should hundred simple soldiers kill a tank without having alternative attacks like grenades or bazookas?

So I really hope they locate it before WW1 combining a new setting with the mechanics we love AoE for <3


I play Age of Empires 2 since 2004. Im still playing it on Voobly comunity. I also have played several hours of Age 3 and even more hours spent on Company of Heros 2 and Company of Heros Online.

Im really happy to see Relic co-developing Age 4 with Microsoft studios. In my opinion the biggest mistake made by Relic with CoH was that fact that you dont have Random maps, it takes out of the table a big strategy factor of the game. One of the biggest reasons Age 2 still have a strong community is the fact the you got a completely new game every match… you got the option of literely never get the same map, this is awesome. It may seems a little thing, but in the long run it is a HUGE factor. I really hope we get a solid competitive Multiplayer RTS game with Age 4.


What annoys me is that some people are asking for aoe4 to be like C&C, red alert, or tiberian sun. I want aoe4 to be aoe…


Interesting that you mention aoeo. I loved that game, but it was launched 2 years to early and people didn’t give it a second chance.

I can’t wait to know more about AOE4. I don’t expect it to be in WO1,WO2 or coldwar settings, but who knows. I do believe that AOE4 needs to have more unittypes, including spellcasters to keep everything interesting.