It is 2023 come on guys. last time i played with my brother (he is now very busy and when we were child we shared a pc for play aoe2) i just persuaded him lets play new aoe like old time but on own laptops the we go on multiplayer quick match spent almost 1 hour the game was in our side but my game suddenly crashed out then i renlaunched the game, i ve tried to reconnect but there was no any way to reconnect to my lobby or ongoing game, that match ended defeat and my brother seemed like very upset and probably tought waste of time. Please add reconnect feature it is not that casual shooting game reconnecting will be vital update.


I play all of the AOE game, including AOM and this is a much needed feature. I am surprised it is not implemented in the most popular Aoe2 and Aoe4. Once you disconnect, it is game over.


Gproxy really was a blessing (for anyone unfamiliar, thats what brood war had to prevent disconnecting in case of shaky intenet, giving like 45 second count down and if the interenet connection worked by then the match continued)


Recently, and because of the Kindred Spirits event, I once played an 8 player FFA (Free For All) game, where we were supposed to wait 10 minutes. Unfortunately, there was a massive server failure and after 13 minutes everyone was automatically disconnected. We didn’t get the reward and couldn’t reconnect again, but anyway.

I guess this is a problem that has been around for a while. Indeed, they could implement an application to wait for the reconnection for 1 minute or 45 seconds as explained in the last comment by " KG19991380"