AoE4 Showcase Recap

Hearing them talk about how much they enjoy playing the game makes me really optimistic about the game turning out great and a lot of fun to play! You can really tell that they sincerely enjoy it a lot!


This is why Relic Studios is the modern day Ensemble/Blizzard/C&CGuys of RTS.


I really enjoyed this extra interview with some of the people working on AoE4 and it really shows that they are really passionate about this game and it was nice to hear that they are willing to keep changing the game even beyond the release of the game come October which is a huge relief for me, if something turns out bad they can adjust it after certain feedback etc.

I’m actually really excited for this and the least we can do is at least show them the benefit of the doubt, and support these people into making the best AoE game to date.