AOE4 Terrain competition

A new RTS coming out next year. Look at the terrain, look at the TREES, and now COMPARE THEM TO 4.

Night. And. Day.

That game looks amazing I think they tried to capture Tiberian Sun art. They are using new unreal engine.

yes but it is all compressed, the saturation is low and the units are little distinguished, age of empire 4 ah a graphic that allows you to distinguish everything well, without your eyes exploding

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if you don’t like age graphics, don’t play it, I think graphics is one of the minor problems, always if it’s a problem because for me it’s not


this is the aoe forum - so please stay on topic.

yes the game looks good, a new c and c is always welcome.

and now close this offtopic thread

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I’m seeing some frequent threads about AoE4 graphics, and comparisons. The common thread I see is comparing “graphics”, without understanding the “art style”.

I see it as the “less is more” approach in design, that is softer on the eyes, and more appropriate for the game.

This is crucial in a game that you stare at for hours on end. The AoE4 graphics I feel are more calculated - they don’t need to show off detail (while there is still a great amount of detail), but they do the job in communicating the idea. That’s proper design.

This example, while it may look “better” or more “realistic”. It’s harsh, gritty, dark, busy, and too many shadows for an RTS. This game goes for detail and more of a realistic art style, but that doesn’t mean its better graphics. I find it to be taxing on the eyes. While it may work for this game, that may be slower paced. I think AoE4 did a great job with art style, design and graphics to work for many.


yes. and all this posts are the same.

in the next minutes jimmyrandomnumber arrives, tell us that aoe3 lools better, than there will be some raging about aoe4 from frankeneuzu (or kind of name).

than there will be screenshots of spellforce 3, legacy: ancestors and maybe ancient wars: sparta.

as comprehension there will be some old and official aoe4 screenshots - never some those gamers did by their selfes.

and for last every graphicthread-rager will be singing the song of manorlord and its neverending graphic-overload. but nobody ever played it or saw it for real.


I have 6gb of graphics, it is still not enough to put all the quality in maximum in aoe4

you told us often in the last days - so we noticed it.

in 1080p it works well also on a 1060ti, something has to be wrong with your system.

my 2070 do it in 2k with 60fps, 4k with 50 fps - but i ve made a fresh setup on my pc.

if you wanna play in 2k or 4k try to use lossless scaling.

6GB is plenty, you must have some other issue.

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the game does not recommend it to me, besides I have already reached more than 90% of the gpu in 4v4

my bottleneck is the cpu - with 7 ai on a water map, the cpu (i5 9600k) is at 100%. this is the only time i have lags - but constant fps.

did you tried a complete refresh of your system? or do you have so program in the background? maybe you are bot-attacked from a crypto-miner working secretly in the background?

surely it is the processor I only have 6 cores, I do not have 8 cores 16 threads

Trying to understand what you meant by this. Are you trying to derail this thread to support you in your graphics card? Explain.