AoE4 to be designed as GaaS, to use Relic's Essence Engine and gameplay likely to include squads

Like many others here, I’m no fan of this current trend to release incomplete games for full price and then expect a series of DLC and updates to fix everything later. I don’t even know why they think that’s a lucrative business model, since all that would do is discourage consumers for trying it out in the beginning. I’m all for quality DLC and updates following a game’s release, mind you, but they better make the initial released version as good as possible.


If AoE IV is a GaaS, there is a 101% chance I will not buy it and a lot of others will not either. AoE gets a lot of support from die hard long-time fans and GaaS is a great way to alienate them


100% sure?

Oh yes you will. MS knows it and you know it too. :wink:
Not that i’m a fan of gaas but the periodic complaining on things is getting tedious.
And those -die-hard long-time fans- that you mentioned will buy it too. No matter if the setting is your special preference, no matter if the developer is not your best friend, no matter if its on the disturbing steamonopoly or playable on your favorite OS, or you think that Win10 is a spyware and tool of NWO or if it gets designed as GaaS or not.
Most of us wait for this for more than a decade and if you call yourself a fan, own a decent PC and can spare a few bucks you will at the very least buy it and give it a try. and if you can, you will most probably pay something extra for your so long waited title of your favorite franchise.
MS knows it, uses it, and its just smart marketing.


GaaS is also a yearly season pass which would give you access to all the games on the UWP platform, regardless using them on Xbox or PC. From single-sale software-as-is which requires servicing and maintenance too to perpetual recurring income for delivering services-as-is. That’s what they call smart marketing these days. I disagree on that one too as it’s only possible to force upon customers while having market monopoly. And that is wrong!


You know that your type of “we will buy it anyways”-mentality is EXACTLY what tempts companies to make these cash-grabbing, incompele, unfinished games as a service that are littered with bugs and microtransactions.
Because if player will buy it anyways then there is no reason for companies to produce games of quality since that requires more effort.

A mature gaming community doesn’t buy any game blindly nor do they pre-order, wich is exactly the same thing.
Because if you do, then your giving away the ONLY lever that you have to make your voice heard, wich is money.

So by any means your kind is exactly what led to the trampling of so many franchises and the the decrease of quality in games in general. Thus people like you can only be considered traitors to the gaming community (this is not meant as a personal insult) and need to be stood up against.


Ah there we go, and I had started worrying :slight_smile: . Well, if you want to make your revolution on the video games that you pay for entertainment at your free time then go ahead. That’s really a noble purpose. The Che of gaming. Everyone will applause.

Anyway, my point was that if you are a real fan you will try out the game anyways, no matter what negative stereotypes in your head have been confirmed or not. I said it as a fact, not necessarily encouraged it. This is not an unknown title or franchise that suddenly teased you and you got hyped out of nothing. But something the community has been patiently waiting and hoping for many years. So what’s the point in saying “100% not buy” and similar childish reactions when you know that at the end you will get it anyway?

And if you don’t, you are probably on the wrong forum. (And maybe you are, since you joined just 15h ago)

You are not doing them a favor by buying the game. They invest lots of money and resources at something that they know you want and give it to you at a price, it’s give and take. Supply and demand. If you don’t want then no reason to be in here to discuss at all.

If a developer keeps giving you broken half-boiled games then don’t buy again from them. Most complains for this kind of thing keep coming from those who keep buying them just to find a new reasons to keep complaining thereafter. I haven’t seen anyone complaining for a game that never bought first. So if anyone’s ‘kind’ feeds that, its yours.

People of ‘your’ kind as you put it, remind of some student communist parties in public Universities that just complain about everything, think they have rights on everything and want everything their way, if possible for free. There is nothing free in this world my friend, you have a say right now on how you want the game because they decided to make it happen. If however you want it to be made strictly by your standards you can always hire a studio and pay them a few thousands from your own pocket to make it for you, then publish it yourself :slight_smile: .

Same goes with Steam fans and Win10 haters.
If you won’t get a new Age game because it’s not on steam then you are a steam fan and not an Age fan, go post to a steam forum.
If you think that after a decade the franchise is suddenly being revived to give you a cash-grab then you are a fan of a different franchise and already think with their ways.
And at last, the argument that loyal communities and customers are responsible for the current marketing trends is very shallow. There are financial reasons behind those decisions.


Regarding squads: if we are talking about the Relic kind of squads - unable to select single units - which is based on positioning around obstacles and a reinforcing and retreat function, then I don’t see how this could keep the style and feel of an Age game where it’s about macro and micro, strategy rather than tactics. It would be a drastic change which could possibly alienate Age fans.


Agree with you my friend

loyalty you said, not a sheep buying anything like " do you haven’t phones?". from Blizzard.
If they made the properly game… may be I buy, to be honest modern setting age isn’t for me.


Im starting to get worried. I figured they were much more ahead than they are now with this

Because it works. Anthem, while being barebones and buggy, sold extremly well. Probably not in the long run as the playerbase is diminishing fast, but the launch was financial success.
Let’s face: as much as people scream that GaaS are bad, they make money from even more people. They are not going away and Microsoft wanting a share of the market is no surprise. And honestly, if well done I’m not completly against ist. But we will have to waint and see how Age4 turns out.

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