AoE4 vs The Settlers (2019.)


AoE4 vs The Settlers (2019.)

Ubisoft does with The Settlers 2019 directly challenge Age of Empires 4.
And they are already 2 steps ahead.

-presented a gameplay trailer
-possible steam version, due to Uplay Link

Ubisoft surprised nearly everybody at Gamescom with the revelation that they would be bringing back ‘The Settlers’ franchise, 25 years after the first game.

The Settlers is a very classical ‘build-up’ strategy game, and Ubisoft has brought back the original creator, Volker Wertich as the creative director on the new title, which is set to launch in Fall 2019.

So right now I simply do see people get this game instead of AoE4, for the simple reason of Steam version. And Ubisoft is quite good at base build games like Anno Series.


yea… of course its ahead. And Ubisoft is actually doing great. Anno 1800 is also on its way.
Such games have already replaced the initial hype for ao4. MS studios can stay for now with their xbox exclusives or whatever other small game that nobody is interested in.


The chances are that AOE 4 will not even launch in 2019. It is more likely to see aoe4 somewhere late 2021 or 2022. They didn’t even announce aoe2 definitive edition at gamescom. A guy of microsoft stated that the definitive editions should come out before aoe4. So let’s say aoe2 definitive edition will be launched in late 2019 and definitive edition aoe3 will launch in early 2021. Right now they are in the pre alpha fase of aoe4, because they wheren’t showing anything yet at gamescom. No screenshots, no gameplay, not even the setting.


After Ubisoft took over Blue Byte it didn’t change for the better. They have added way too much microtransactions to their games. And regarding competitive play they just reset things if they don’t like it or change something. I’m done doing business with Ubisoft the rest of my life. MS I can forgive for AOE Online fiasco, but with Ubishit this is different for me personally.


Agree with last sentence, “small games.” But not with the first two. So you can be a fan of Anno, Settlers, but don’t include everyone in your statement. There are people who dislike city building games. And that’s what exactly these two are. Second, no, hype hasn’t died yet. Yours died probably. There could be a reason why game play hasn’t been revealed yet. Ever heard of announcements? It is meant to say “Yes please stop bugging us, we are making your game!” Maybe Relic is still doing testing and seeing how faithful it is to old Age games and how it fits into modern scene. If they show a lackluster game play, they will loose hype and fans instantly. LET THEM TAKE THEIR TIME. Don’t compare Anno and Settlers with Age. Combine current fan base of these two games, and it is still low to fanbase of any age game. Previous iterations, and there have been many, of Anno and Settlers, are pure garbage. They have lost all of their loyal fans. Don’t believe me, just google.


Yes you may be right. 2020 to say at least. Amount of work they are putting in their definitive additions must be respected, and applauded. Look at how gorgeous AOE:DE looks. (I know someone will say multiplayer is trash, well multiplayer was trash in original game too.) And no, relic is not involved in DEs. Forgotten empires and some of the Microsoft Studio employees are.

People, let them take their time. I rather play a game that feels Age than a garbage that feels a generic RTS game made by Blizzard or whoever.


I know. AOE Online, what is that?


Oh yeah…when did that come out?


Not my cup of tea. After playing Setters 2-3-4 it started to feel repetitive. And now it looks bad too.


What? They aren’t even same sub genre RTS. Is like Tomb Raiders vs Resident Evil both have action or adventure but are different leagues.


It’s Project Celeste now and they deliver more updates and patches to their game as Steam and MS together. :wink:


Settlers is a cute RTS series and I would buy the new upcoming game if it was more like Settlers 3. Still a long way to go though, might be released in late 2019.
But, yeah, it’s not the same type of RTS as AOE and when it comes to popularity AOE is also waaay bigger.

What I’m really interested in, though, is Anno 1800, early 2019 release too.


I liked the first Settlers of course and Settlers 7 wasn’t too bad.

From the Anno series I like the first two, the really old ones, had army and tactics. They messed it up later with city building simulation filled up with microtransactions and rubies.

At that time Ubisoft had some kind of ship battle thing going on, spend some money and got ranked first and then suddenly they reset the ranking, start over again. At that time I was completely done playing it. It’s not very smart to rip people off that way. As I said, a personal experience as customer of Ubisoft long time ago.


Oh yeah, thanks for the refresher. Bro that name Age Online, gives me nightmare.


It actually was the ultimate elaboration and evolution of your favorite AOE series engine (AOE III).