AOE4 Wish list: Achievements, Trackable playtime, Faster speed option

In this topic I hope to share my wish list for AOE4: for achievements, good working trackable playtime, faster speed option in Microsoft store or XBOX LIVE version of the game.

Wish list:

  1. Nullify the achievement if cheats where used. This is something which was implemented in AOE2DE and which I absolutely adore. It took me an incredible long time to unlock every achievement in the game, but it was so satisfying to do so and without the option to cheat your way through all of them was a very welcome added bonus and a needed one in my opinion. Trueachievements. DON’T do the same as in AOE3DE in which you could use cheats to get all the achievements. That takes the fun away from getting them the legit way as well as takes away the satisfaction that you truly deserved and unlocked that achievement.
  2. Do not create “boring” achievements like was done in the 2013/HD edition of the game. If you search on that Steam page to hundred, there are almost 80 achievements in which you have to win with or against a certain civilization a hundred times. That is just lazy achievement creation and doesn’t excite someone to 100% all achievements. Luckily this wasn’t done in AOE2DE and AOE3DE, so please continue the trend from those two games.
  3. Trackable playtime. I played the Microsoft store or XBOX LIVE (however you want to call it) version of AOE2DE and sadly there is no trackable playtime for the game as far as I know. I would really like to see how long I’ve played the game. So please implement something so playtime is tracked and easily visible.
  4. Faster speed option. The Steam version of the game added the speed option 4.0 and 8.0. Which is really helpful in campaign missions when you need to “wait” for your units to be healed as an example in the linked video. Sadly to my knowledge that option was never released for the Microsoft store or XBOX LIVE (however you want to call it) version of the game. Please do that such an option in the game menu instead of launch options for the game, since you can’t edit those for the “Microsoft/Windows” version of the game.