Aoe4 World Clan League (AWCL)


Aoe4 World Clan League (AWCL)

With the addition of the first organisations,

AoeItalia / Citadel / GT / RealTeam / SkWizZ / Melo

we released the Discord server two days ago and already more than 120 people, this will be a meeting point in the clan scene worldwide,
We have been doing a few weeks ago, several Showmachts that precede the creation of this future world league of clans.

We will welcome all those teams that demonstrate organization, seriousness and level to participate in the future world league.

In two months this adventure will begin, with the teams that are already included, the teams that are in the process of joining the organisation and the future interested teams.

+INFO: Aoe4 World Clan League (AWCL) discord de AWCL