Aoe4 world update to new patch

Does anyone know, how long it will take, until the statistics will be updated to the new patch?

I really wanna see the new winratios for 1v1.
My Malians are almost unplayable in many matchups, after their nerf and changes to other civs, at least I feel like it.
Probably it’s the time to start a new civ and just pick meta.
Highest win% civ will be picked.
My time to lame.
Really tired of playing vs overbuffed civs and having to work thrice as hard as the enemy to win.

I’ll get back to Malians once the Devs decide to revert the cow-nerf and insted nerf Fulani and also give Malians a Man-at-arms replacement. It’s really painful to play against Landsknecht and Limitanei units…
Feels like handicap match, the enemy can attackmove and then jump back into his eco and manage macro, while you have to micro your ass off and at the same time manage everything else.

HRE and Byz, Abba, Zhu Xi, Delhi and Mongols were already bashing Malian HARD before, now HRE and ABBA and Byz got buffed.

Malians already had 10 negative (less than 50%) winratio matchups out of 15 possible matchups last patch, out of which 2 were 35% and another 3 were less than 45%.
I guess it got worse this patch.

High time to change my civ.

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Alrighty, aoe4 world is up to date now.
Seems like in higher elo (conq) HRE and Ayyubid and English are unchallenged S-Tier now lol
Let’s wait for larger sample sizes.
The fact that civ number 4 is quite far behind these 3, is a little concerning tough.
High pickrate combined with high winrate usually calls for nerfs.

The Ottoman-nerfs are showing a significant effect, which is good news.
They are around 50% winrate now.
IMO the Jans should still be reworked.
Their ranged damage should be a little increased, attackspeed significantly reduced and their bonus dmg vs cavalry should be removed from the ranged attack.
Instead they should get a 2nd attackmove (similarly to Desert raiders), which sets them into melee attack mode, in which they get a significant bonus dmg against cavalry, while having very low base damage against anything else, similarly to spearmen.
At the same time, the extra damage taken from ranged units could be lowered or even be removed.

Aoe3 (DE) is a great example of this working perfectly, with all the musketeer-type units.
Jannisaries there work exactly that way…

We have to wait for more data but it seems that Ayyubid is doing well (the benefits of aging are very good).

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Agree, larger sample sizes are needed and many changes are still a bit fresh for the community to settle around it.
I was wondering how strong Ayyubids actually are right now before the stats came out.
They have been given me lots of headache recently in 1v1 with my Malians.

Though, the Abbassid are completely out of control against my Malians now.
25% win against them in Conq…
Just got all-ined on my hated my Cliffside by Military wing Horsemen archer ram push Abbassid.

I am about to never play Malians again…

Big Fella,

the Malians are unplayable for me right now. I get absolutely destroyed by things i should be countering, the English and the Japanese are completely running through my units, 3 musofadis with 2 military upgrades in age 2 got destroyed by a fresh un-upgraded samurai. what should i do if it’s my only anti-armor unit until age 4, it also feels like i have no good units for frontline. my donsos get completely run through. its absolutely atrocious, i make a full army of counter and get destroyed in age 2, and the only times i win it’s when i play against someone who turtles and acts scared, but watching the replays, they would have easily destroyed me.

It really sucks, i loved the Malians. but it seems like imma be forced to spam English/Ayyubids if i wanna rank up

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I like very much your rework for Jans. Right now jans are niche unit, it’s only worth if you make them to protect your siege from cavalry.

This way they would be still useful against cavalry but they will be more useful against other units.

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