updates and DotF over ToV?

Hey aoe4 friends,

I wonder why Aussie suggests DotF over ToV this season - did anyone try this BO, yet? When to use which Landmark? [Aussie Drongo] Dome of the Faith - View | AoE4 Guides

Along with this, I would like to share some minor yet useful updates on

(1) In case, you are not familiar with all the icons, there is now basic toolttip support that displays the title of the unit or building (only for new or updated builds, old build have not been migrated, yet):


(2) When browsing multiple builds and using browser tabs, it was annoying to have the same title for all build orders. This has changed with the recent update. The tab title now states the build order title.


(3) New icons supported. E.g. civ flags, new and updated season 5 icons. Note: Keep in mind that you can search for your icons easily. (overlay tool devs are informed and will support these icons soonish as well)



(4) Minor bug fix: Added missing fishing boat icons (e.g. for RUS) and minor layout changes here and there.

Give it a shot. Build your own build order guides or add the new builds that pop up on youtube.

So long, stay healthy and try to keep the aoe4 community welcoming and friendly


I saw it on aoe4world, congratulations