AOE4's DLC release date is soon?

“Quick update for upcoming content on Age of Noob”

Sound like the announcement/release of the DLC is imminent this month or they will announce it and later in October it will be released.


Yes, the dlc will be shown in depth in 3 or 4 weeks…


I think dlc will be released later of this month. There will be big update at the later of the this month and dlc will released with it.

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That could be one reason why Age of Noob did it to warn AOE2 players, as there will be many contents back-to-back.

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Yes, it could be… although it would be weird if they didn’t release it in October like last year…

you ppl are HELLLAA optimistic??!!

They didn’t even have proper weapon and armor displayed on the Japanese units? And we want it RUSHED as soon as THIS MONTH??

Personally I’ll be surprised if we get it in Nov (which I think maybe the release date for nostalgic sake? Wasn’t that when the game was release and the last expansion came out? or was it Oct?)

Believe me dlc is ready. I know this as ottomans was released same as beta. Devs didnt change anything from beta. I think we will get a release date at this week.

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I would believe you if YOU’RE in the close beta?! Otherwise I don’t see the comparison; b/c I have no idea if there is an active private (definitely not public) beta going on??

That means tomorrow XD
I think maybe next week or the week after.

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We saw ottomans first at public beta then we got it with dlc.

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these screenshots may have been taken 1-2 months earlier… and releasing the dlc in later this year is a bad idea as many games are coming in holidays… even october will be dominated by COD MW 3 and assassins creed mirrage

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Indeed, a really valuable analysis

As someone said in another thread, Microsoft likes to schedule releases on anniversary dates, so the DLC is likely coming next month, although there’s no guarantee. I just want to know at a high level what the DLC includes (campaign names, civ names, major new features). I don’t recall there ever being so much secrecy about an expansion since it was announced.

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I want to agree, and this was the expectation, but Gamescom showed that they likely aren’t ready and that there has been significant delays in production–perhaps tied to the situation at Relic.

You wouldn’t waste such an opportunity to market if the product was as great as people are touting it to be. So the only reason seemingly would be that they weren’t ready to showcase the product to the masses, likely meaning that the product itself is behind schedule.

They tend to release the big content updates with the start of every new season, so a October release for the 2nd anniversary seems likely.


There actually was a huge secrecy before releasing Dynastie of india for AOE 2 DE … We had speculated for 4 moths to a point we simply though there will be no DLC. . then they suddenly droppe hints. Dinasties of India was the biggest DLC for AOE 2 DE yet at that point

The “problem” with them using words like “biggest expansion yet” and let the hype be this big is that no matter what content will come with this expansion, people will get disappointed because in their mind they expect much more than what they’ve gotten.

They need to release the full details of this expansion soon before it does more damage than good in my opinion.


Yeah, as someone who raised in another thread to me, all it takes is for 2nd civ to be part of the DLC for it to qualify as the “biggest expansion to date”. It’s a low bar.

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Really exciting, who knows what awaits us, I strongly hope other civilizations will be announced by surprise right away when the DLC will be announced, and I hope there are new mechanics.

Let’s wait for September 15 to see new big updates, or 21st at the Tokyo Games Show.


I think there is, and as age of noob, they say they can’t talk because of the retention contract and not just on, which is NDA, I think the are already people who know a lot but can’t share.