AOM 20 years suggestion

Hey devs, we all know that the 20 years of aom are approaching, and that you will announce something about it in the futur months. But, instead of making an aom definitive edition, have you thought about making a huge dlc on aoe4 bringing all the content of aom to aoe4 ? I think it would be the best way.

Knowing the fact that’s probably not Relic that would make aomde , knowing that there are out there , just like aoe2 had, a lot of community content ready to be recycled, and that a lot of things present in aom or don’t fit aoe4 because of their context or would serve to break the game even more I would rather a aomde, but that is just my opinion…

I really think it would be a mistake to “just” make a definitive edition, meaning almost only improving graphics. Because that’s not the only thing feeling old about aom. I really think it would be better to add new units/civs/mechanics to aoe4 via a dlc, that by default would not be compatible with classic aoe4 civs (you’ll have to choose which part of the game you’d like to play before starting a ranked game for example, but some fun game mode could combine both civ types).
Try to imagine how awesome it would be to manage mythic units and to grow your economy with the aoe4 engine that will keep improving in QoL features in the future months.
Or not even as a dlc, but as a separate game using the same engine, so both game would benefit from the improvements made to the engine.
I think it would be a shame to start everything over. But aom de has to be a really different game from aom hde, because it really hasn’t aged well, especially regarding those QoL features and its core gameplay.

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I think it would be awesome too but aoe are games based on history and, as I said, because of this I think it would not fit it’s context, other thing it’s that aom has awesome physics for the mythic units , and knowing that the features present in this game are completely raw I think they wouldn’t be able to reproduce them either, but i would love them to be implemented too.

DE games are usually built over the old engine so it would not be a complete start over, the only way to start over as you want I think would be in the aom2 which, besides I wanting to happen, I don’t think they would do it yet due to the cost, and if happens to be a DE the upside is that I think it probably would be another studio making them too About the aom hde being bad, aoe2hde was bad as well and the DE version is awesome. I am not saying that the aom DE will be good because aoe2DE is good , all I am saying is it has the probability of being good even though the hde was bad, and I agree, if they add more things to the DE besides the graphics I think it would be even better.

What? A DE not only means better graphics, but also a better AI, better pathing (something that has to be improved), bugfixes, even a new culture (Aztecs or Indians are good choices), new campaigns (esp the chinese one needs to be re-done from scratch, also adding the cut one from 2002), better balance, new units (several of the chinese mythical units need at least one insta-kill ability, also adding new from the cut content, check expanded mod), Art of War challenges (critically aclaimed in 2 DE, 3 DE and 4), new maps, ranked matchmaking system on servers,etc… so yes AOM needs a DE first, then feel free to go for an AOM 2.
btw AOM DE could mean a redemption for the past buggy releases if is done properly


A AoMDE is a good idea if there are plans for a AoM2 down the road much like how the AoEDE’s served as a precursor to AoEIV. Building hype is always a good thing and AoMDE would help in this regard since AoM is a offshoot of AoE so it needs to generate attention.

Plus I just really want to play the game with updated graphics and UI. :slight_smile:


AoM doesn’t need to be absorbed into AoE4. It can stay as its own game.