AoM EE on steam

I bought Age of mythology extended edition plus the tale of the dragon from Steam.
In the store page I can read that The Extended Edition includes: Age of Mythology, Age of Mythology: The Titans, Golden Gift Campaign, but after installing the game I have only the base campaign, no expansions.
Thanks in advance for any answer.

Do you have the “Learn to Play” campaign?

Unlike original The Titans, there’s no “The Titans Campaign” option on the main menu.

When you open the campaign screen, you should be able to click on the “scroll” labeled “Fall of the Trident”, and open a pull-down menu with a list of options like this:

  • Learn to Play (tutorial)
  • Fall of the Trident (base AOM)
  • The Golden Gift
  • The New Atlantis (The Titans)
  • Tale of the Dragon
  • Load New Scenario

This is how the campaign UI has always worked since the original; it sounds like you just never discovered that.