AOM EX - Chinese Civilization

Please, for what you most want, nerf the Chinese, their civilization does too much damage, they advance insanely fast, they almost do not take damage and have too many factors to destroy any other civilization, update the game more.

It can not be that I and many thousands pay for a fairly good game and it turns out that it is super bad, the category of the addons stinks.
The game has many hits of fps and such.
If there are many heroes on the screen, it does not matter what pc you have, it gets stuck, that’s because the game does not support so much work, sincerely, I grew up playing aom, after one or two years I bought it, I feel cheated because it is not what I expected, in no aspect.

they just did it “more visually pretty”

I feel and I see that unfortunately to the Age Of Mythology community, what happens to them is quite the same.

It does not make sense that the last update was more than 2 years ago.
More accurate on 05/25/2016.
How sad, really, I’m sorry that you do not pay attention to this very good franchise.

This is all for my part, greetings and have an excellent day.

Yeah, they released a shoddy, poorly-balanced expansion and then dropped support for the game. It’s a shame.