AOM gold cd not running on windows 10

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I need help urgently, if anyone can assist please. I have an old AOM gold edition which I have been playing for years. I was forced to get a new laptop with windows 10, and now my older games do not want to run. It installs perfectly, but does not want to run after installation. I have done all compatibility suggestions, running as aministrator etc. Then I found a no cd patch for AOE 2 and it worked perfectly. ( as I understand there is some or other security issue in windows 10). Does anyone know where I can find the same patch for AOM Gold edition? I do not want to buy the games again on steam, as I feel I already invested substantially over the years in these. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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I know this is not what you want to hear, but the easiest way is simply to put AOM in your Steam wishlist and wait until the next sale, which is in just a few weeks time (Chinese New Year). AOM is often 75% off, making it just a few bucks, and you can get the expansion (Tale of the Dragon) as well. It’s very cheap and your experience will be way better.

Have you installed MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3?

Thanks all for the responses. I found a solution that worked. Thanks again, much appreciated.