AoM Gold Edition Installation Help

I bought Age of Mythology gold edition in 2010, and now i cant play it, I only can install it, I try to put the product code in steam, but it dont reconise the code, I dont know what to do, I want to now if there is a solution.

Did you install the game from Steam too?

If not remove it first, then launch Steam client application as administrator (you may need to close it first) and reinstall from Steam. When finished launch the game through Steam and try to enter product code again.

If you did install from Steam you could also try first to rightclick Age of Mythology and choose run as administrator then try to enter the product code from Steam. Writing to certain registry parts might be blocked and cause this error.

First thank you for answering,
i think i cant install from steam because is not a steam cd key, i have the old cd’s. I put a picture of the game.
I’ll try to do what you say. But i put the cd’s into the computer, and after thst I try to install it in windows 8, and it run the install process but when i finally the process of instalation i can’t run the game,
it can be that the game is old and it cant be runned in windows 8 but i have runned other older games. Thats why I ask you if i can have the steam game having this original game.
Or what can i do.

It’s impossible to use Steam edition of game with product codes from original media. Steam is a digital license.

What you need to do is first removal all Steam AoM game and reboot computer.

Then use CD to install, but close the autorun. Go to computer and open CD and right click setup.exe (or the name of the installer executable) and choose launch as administrator.

Also make sure to install latest version of DirectX for Windows 8 and check if below legacy components in add/remove software and install and remove windows components / features that DirectPlay is enabled.

You could also wait for the upcoming Steam winter sale and buy the game with discount there.

Thanks I’ll try what u say.