AOM has a discount on steam

I have put AOM in my wish list since 2019, right when I purchased AOE2 DE. AOM has never had a discount since then.

Today I find out that Age of Mythology Extended Edition as well as Tale of the Dragon has a 75% discount on steam.

This fact intrigues me and I believe AOM DE/AOM 2 is coming this year.

What do you guys think.


Hello, I think they give it a chance to see how many people buy it because of the sale.

Then Oktober 30 turns out to be his 20th birthday.

I do think there have been subtle hints at the release and if there is one, there will also likely be a discount for players who own AoM: EE. The sale makes sense because it draws interest for the game prior to the presumed announcement.

Rise of Nations also has a discount after 1.5 years:


Today it’s on discount again, only the Age of Mythology for the second time this year, and also these days it’s the Tokyo Game Show… and Microsoft has a presentation…

By the way, the offer is until the 27th of this month…


I’d like to believe it means something: Age of Mythology Definitive Edition coming soon.

Probably it means the opposite. The old editions of AOE3 and AOE2 didn’t have any sales near to the release:

Quick question: is the sale till october 27th or including october 27th?

Also loves rise of nations during others played Command and Conquer I played Rise of Nations and later Rise of Legends. Really liked those games.

Sale ends tomorrow.
SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends in 32:39:42

Don’t forget to by the Tale of the Dragon DLC for 1 additional buck.

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Thanks again was too silly to look at steam xD

Played yesterday a game. First of there are so many mods but it seems some are not working anymore does this have to do with the Chinese dlc? I mean there are some really much needed (e.g. viable upgrades on myth units) ones and some really damn cool ones (terrain, tree and light upgrades)

I took the Chinese dlc but I still think it could have needed more love.

Another thing i noticed: I can’t remember that the myth hero of Poseidon can literally one shot ever myth unit is that normal? It’s kinda overpowered in my opinion and can’t remember it.
Also the KI (played a bot game) nearly every enemy came to me especially with their titans. One titan even map hacked me and always focus my markets placed in the corners of the map. And I just played on medium difficulty. Sorry i just can’t remember those things when I played it the last time years ago. But my gosh the sound and main track… how I missed those. Thanks for the reminder about the discount!

No, Chinese DLC only unlocks content.

It’s intentional, but I also don’t like it.