AOM has a discount on steam

I have put AOM in my wish list since 2019, right when I purchased AOE2 DE. AOM has never had a discount since then.

Today I find out that Age of Mythology Extended Edition as well as Tale of the Dragon has a 75% discount on steam.

This fact intrigues me and I believe AOM DE/AOM 2 is coming this year.

What do you guys think.


Hello, I think they give it a chance to see how many people buy it because of the sale.

Then Oktober 30 turns out to be his 20th birthday.

I do think there have been subtle hints at the release and if there is one, there will also likely be a discount for players who own AoM: EE. The sale makes sense because it draws interest for the game prior to the presumed announcement.

Rise of Nations also has a discount after 1.5 years: