AoM is turning 20 in 2022, so we did a podcast about a Definitive Edition!

Age of Mythology is having its 20th anniversary in 2022 - what better time for Microsoft to come out with a Definitive Edition? We sat down with two of our favorite AoM personalities, Boit and Iron_Maiden to discuss the whole AoM DE topic, and the current state of things in detail.


Liked the podcast. But I think Atlanteans must be included with the original 3. China should be included as well, but they need to improve it first.
For new game modes: Wonder Race, Defend the Wonder and maybe an Empire Wars?
I’m pretty excited for Age of Mythology DE. And it would be amazing if they release it this year.


I hope they Made something for aom fans, they focused too much on age of empires series, we have very solid community, the problem is everyone prefer to play the original Game on voobly cause steam versión not that good for competitive, it have too Bad optimization not very playable.

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totally agree here! we have a good, solid and dedicated fanbase with great ideas and input. we waited for so long… just imagine during AOM release so many games had there second or maybe even third edition/extension. i sometimes wanna cry lol

I want all civs and new ones, even the Chinese with a remade… but for me a new AoM would impress more and sell better. It could reuse many of mechanics and give better graphics

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