AOM on M1 chip

I have always used to play AOM on my Mac with a .dmg file (similar to .exe on windows) and it always ran just fine. Since I bought a M1 Mac, waaaaaaay faster than my 2012 MacBook Pro, the game is unplayable, very laggy, video and audio wise.

Looks like the M1 chip is not very compatible with the game.

Anyone else with the same problem? How did you fix it?

Thank you

Backwards compatibility support I hear is way worse than Windows.

IIRC something like AoM which never had an updated port which came in like 2004 basically doesn’t work past version 10 mac os x iirc

Are you talking about the original AOM or AOM extended edition with 2.8 patch? I’d like to get the extended edition version running on an M1 Mac too, if anyone has a successful way please share it.