AoM opening lots of internet browser pages when playing

Game Version: 2.7.4

  • Build ((####))


I am playing age of mythology online. I use it to play against my brother. When I’m on the game there are non-stop internet pages popping up. Ever 5-10 seconds a new internet page pops up and I have to close it while playing other wise they will build up and crash the computer. How can I stop this? I have looked online and it seems others are having this same problem but there’s no solution on any of the discussions I’ve seen. It really interferes with the gameplay. My brother that’s playing it from his own house doesn’t have this issue at all. I’m using windows 7 OS. I have looked at things like malware etc and nothing has been found.
Thank you.

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  2. It is an issue with my game but i have seen on the steam forums others have had this issue and found no fix.
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Windows 7 has reached end of life. Best get off it before you lose everything.

Hello, my friend. I have heard of that problem. The best solution is updating Windows.