AOM-R Favor and Favor Gathering

Hi all, I’m excited as many about the upcoming Retold and since asking/suggesting is free will do so xD

NOTE: Wont mention Chinese, since I dont know much about them in general.

200 max for everyone.

Its been asked by many and lets be honest more the better why should it only be Zeus? Or straight max of 500. I personally would like to have a pool per god of 100 favor but that would be complicated.

Favor Gathering
Its nice to have “unique” ways of gathering favor but in practice Greeks are best at it. Egyptian trickle is low, Norse depends on fighting, Atlanteans is the worse. Most (if not all) civilizations did things similarly:

Offerings put food, goods or a currency in an altar. Animal sacrifice to ask for blessings. Idol building, build some type of statue/idol that represented their gods, Pray to gods in different ways.


  • Praying: All civs to be able to.

  • Temple: Protects an area from enemy powers, small favor trickle per temple.

  • Priests: Able to attack animals to “sacrifice” them converting food into favor. Egyptians are able to capture wild animals (currently only Seth).

  • Idol (Statue/Rune/Idol): A representation or simbol of a god. It functions as an altar where we can exchange resources for favor, also protects an area from enemy powers, small favor trickle (currently only egyptians have them and only Isis gives the protection).
    Statues for Greek, Egyptians and Atlanteans, Wood/Stone runes for Norse.

Unique Favor Gathering
Since pray and idols would be shared, new uniques for missing ones:

  • Greeks:
    *Hiereiai: Female Priestess, that can fight, heal and be assigned to temples to pray producing more than normal units.

  • Egyptians:
    Sacred animals: Animals near temples generate favor, able to use and capture animals.

  • Norse/Atlanteans
    Remains the same.

Again all cultures had them, one of the “marks” of Age of empires are them with their ability to convert other units.


  • Greeks:
    Heroe Medic change into Asclepius unique heroe exclusive a x god, All to have priests that can heal and convert units.

  • Norse/Atlanteans:
    A priest with the ability to heal and convert other units.

  • Egyptians:
    All able to “empower” buildings with different fx dependant on picked God. Personally I believe they could be expanded to give them a more interesting role in combat, like having skills as curses, boosts/boons, etc.

If you have read so far thank you, comment below what you think.

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Why are you overcomplicating simple things.
The favor meta has been established for 20 years and they are not going to rework the favor system anyway.

Some of those ideas sound good for a whole new game with new mechanics (Aom2) though, which is not the case of Retold (they have already stated that it is going to be a remake/remaster).

I saw it as a pretty simple thing, could you elaborate what is complicated?

So if something is in one way for an x period of time cant be changed? Its retold and they havent said anything that tells whats going on. We can agree to desagree, for what you replied, I can think you just want a graphical upgrade?

Most of your suggestions just show that you are not playing the game competitively, thus you can’t have a proper vision of why most of your ideas are simply impraticable.

Wow, your argument lacks any sense, first: are you playing “competitevely”?, second if you dont play “competitevly” you cant make suggestions? Third, you didnt answered me.

Forth: its a game 10+ years old, that as far as im aware outside tournaments (if there are any nowdays), “pro” players dont make any money or am i wrong? As I said, we can agree to desagree and leave it at that, you made your point that you want mostly the same game as was released, if you dont want to make a constructive coment refrain from keep replying, if you do so please elaborate more.

The statement that greek have the best way of generating favor is already extremely vague and nonsense, atlanteans and norse can spam myth units especially in classical and early heroic because of their particular way of generating favor (they don’t have to sacrifice their economy early on to generate favor).