AOM-R Powers and Gods

One of the main features that needs changes, balance, etcetera. Will not touch much the subject since it would be very long topic. To have different modes and ability to chose between them as titan option when creating a new match:

  • Standard: As is currently, powers are limited to a number of uses and dont cost.
  • Rechargable: Powers use favor and recharge after time or have charges.
  • Unlimited: Powers dont have cooldown and dont cost.

At the time of release many of us didnt noticed or knew much about mythology, but now those that like Mythology can see clear flaws in several things, gods, powers, etc.

Main God and minor gods need to have some kind of relationship in lore, for example: Most of minor Greek gods are Zeus sons, while a lot of other gods are left out. Also if we could pick civilization and Main god apart to have for example: Zeus with egyptians, Ra with norse, etc.

Main God
Currenlty each civilization has 3 main gods with 6 minor (3 chosable) for a total of 4 gods, would be nice to have more Main gods and be able to switch between them, for example:

Main Gods: Osiris, Horus, Athena, Ares, etc.

Isis has: Bast/Anubis, Hathor/Nepthys, Osiris/Thoth
Able to chose Osiris as main instead of Isis, while Isis be a age 4 minor.

Mythological Units
I got some problems with them, first: are tied to Gods, however currently some are “filling” of sorts having no actual relations with either Main or minor god and in some cases with neither. Second: most are stronger than average human unit but i feel them lacking in different aspects, while some for example the Centaur were a “race”, some others were “unique monsters” and we can spam them.

Some need rebalance and something that makes them feel “stronger”/“unique”, for example:

Hydra, has lots of hitpoints but starts with one head and can be easily killed before or after having several heads.

######## another “monster” that does very little. Not to mention the Minotaur and Cyclops.*


  • *Main God Creature: Aka exploration mythological creature, each Main god needs a unique one, Greeks share “Pegasus” which is related to Poseidon. New unit examples:
    Zeus: an Eagle, Posaidon: Pegasus, Hades: Shadow

Eagle is fastest but has low hp, Pegasus has more hp but is slower, the Shadow cant fly but can get throw buildings and can only be target by priests, for example porpuses.

  • Major God and Creatures: Would be nice if each major god had a number of x mythological creatures fixed to them and minors to give 1 or more extra. For example: Loki Giants, mythological creatures that they are related to them, by lore and bloodlines.

Would be nice to have more flexibility, most Main god powers are weak in comparison with later powers, and those “later” powers most of the time have nothing to do with the “main” god.

Powers to “evolve/upgrade” based on the Age, for example:

Power: Lightning

  • Age I: Shots 1 lightning bolt, dealing x damage.
  • Age II: Shots 2 lightning bolt, dealing x damage.
  • Age III: Shots 3 lightning bolt, dealing x damage.
  • Age IV: Lightning storm

Powers to have 4 charges, gaining 1 charge with each age. We can spend a charge in each age having 4 age one power or wait till age 4 to have the 4 charges with the strongest version.

If you have read so far thank you, comment below what you think.

Reserved for later use.

What your suggest is a total new game and will add a lot of blance issu (choosing major god + your civ is a big no to me, your suggestion is weird because it make no sens in term of lore, as you said)

Total new game? could you elaborate, please.

It makes no sense in terms of lore? Which lore, game lore, mithological lore?
Personally I think it makes great sense and adds a lot of replayability and flexibility. In terms of history, many cultures did take gods from others and added them in some form to their pantheons, for example Romans mixed two of their “italian”/“etruscan” gods into Pluto (Hades). Zeus has similarties with Thor and greek myth about the creation of the “Olympian” gods shares many similarities with mesopotamian-sumerian mythology…

Many cultures adopted Helenistic pantheons/customs after Alexander, same happend with Roma and so on and forth.

I don’t know what to say, what’s you want is a total new game, new mechanic, mixing god with civ, changing god myth units, changing myth ability etc…

They did it after conquering them mostly. But playing grec with Thor, or egyptian with Hades make no sens and this require to change pretty much every god bonus.