AOM Retold Pyrography wood art

Prostagma guys,

Just want to show off some of my handcrafted AOM wood art, if you havent seen it on reddit.
Im super proud that the official AOM Retold sites on Twitter/X and Instagram also shared my paintings.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts and what ideas you have for future pyrography artwork. Im planning to do more AOM ones…

Feel also free to join my RTS Discord Server “Home of RTS”:
Home of RTS

Below are some impressions of my AOM artwork:


Wonderful job! I especially love the last one. I’d love to see you do some main and minor god portraits. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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Great work! Love to see more of this!

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Yes, i think i make some god portraits, Zeus, Re, Isis…

Here are some shots from the back with signature…

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They are amazing! Congratulations!

Thank you :slight_smile: i will do some more… if you have any suggestions, feel free