AoM Retold should have more population

Hi @CagierNebula24 . And having a similar population to the rest of AoE?

Based on your argument, you could probably be a genius.

Take this poll, 71% of AoM fans wants more population
Age of Mythology Retold population limit poll : AgeofMythology (

You don’t quite seem to understand that we both want more pop. I’m just saying that reducing the pop cost per unit isn’t the best solution. FE is in charge of aom retold, in case you didn’t know. Have you seen how the balance in aoe3 is a complete mess? I don’t want them to make aom retold even worse. The best option is to increase the pop cap.

I’ve suggest in another thread a brand new tech which would be a follow-up to “fortified town center”. It would allow for bigger armies (yes I want it too) without affecting the current balance.

Stop accusing me of fighting for the game to get worse. We both want the same thing but you keep ignoring my arguments.

AoE3 balance is not by its population. AoE4 has similar population and AoE2 more.

I understand that you wanted to increase population for balance.

I don’t care how the population is increased. But military units should be able to double to be at the level of other AoE

Exactly, you’re right. The point is, the balance in aoe3 is a mess nonetheless. I just want FE to stay in control with retold and that’s why I don’t want them to reconsider every unit cost instead of simply increasing the pop cap.

On this I agree.

Yes, I agree…1 pop for each human unit, 2 pop for each cavalry unit and 3 pop for each mythical unit would be fine…then you could create larger infantry armies (which were used a lot in ancient times) and you could see mythical units more often…

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You don’t have to get so heated here.
The developers themselves are certainly aware of this issue and they very likely already decided on how to tackle it.
The game has been in development for at last one year now so they certainly have already decided on something so fundamental.

I don’t think it’s unlikely that they will bring the population more in line with the AoE series.
We also shouldn’t forget that AoM has a villager limit too (like AoE3) so the late game eco is limited anyway.

Of course, that is, 200 pop is not going to overcome it, but simply optimize it better…

99 limit and traders don´t count in this limit. This is so much. In the original AoM, you never created so many villagers

11 months ago this poll was done
(1) Age of Mythology Retold population limit poll : AgeofMythology (

And here for example (2 years ago) many people argue population as one of the main issues of AoM.
Why is age of mythology not as popular as a competitive rts? : aoe2 (

There are more posts about that. I hope that devs don’t condemn AoM Retold to be marginal like original AoM

The population cap has always been an issue in the Age of Mythology (AoM). The population capacity must be increased for AoM Retold to succeed. For every military unit, the population might be decreased by one.

In AoE3 every villager type had it’s own limit until they changed it recently, even fishing boat count to the Villager/Settler limit now.
I assume that they will do the same in AoM too, Dwarfs, Traders and Fishing boats should count to the general villager limit.

Anyway I’m agreeing with you in general anyway.
Let us build more soldiers, doesn’t really matter how.

This is how I imagine:
Units with 1 pop cost —> 1 pop cost
Units with 2 pop cost —> 1 pop cost
Units with 3 pop cost ----> 1.5 pop cost
Units with 4 pop cost —> 2 pop cost
Units with 5 pop cost —> 2.5 pop cost

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Higher pop cap is always Welcome to me! And if they don’t i hope it’s getting the modding system of Age 4 which is very simple to add mods:)

I also would like the building Cap to be removed, just make buildings more expensive or every time you build a fortress/castle it wil cost more

I agree for once, even if only to make an ‘actual change’ to what the new game will be. I don’t think it should be ‘too similar’ where the new game is actually boring.

I felt the micro in AoM is downright low IQ and childish, especially at the level it was left now- only r3t2rds compete at AoM at top levels, trying to like micro units and dodge arrows etc. to gain a little edge. It is much funner at the learning stages and at the level you have some fun to use non-optimal strategies. If you don’t understand that’s ‘gambling’ as well as sort of petty/ridiculous, for many reasons, including that it’s a dead ~100 player game. Most of the players who continue playing hundreds if not thousands of games, just ‘don’t understand that’, and aren’t improving much anyway.

It’s fun to learn but the little petty things they do now to try to ‘gain an edge’ are downright sad, whereas with more units, it tends to be more of a flood and more ability to counter/do things. (in context that they know from guidebooks and such what is overpowered and not for like 10 years)

It’d be much more grandiose of a game, and aoe2 while full of flaws and redundancy, shows that it works quite fine to opt to have more units. Winning/losing isn’t some small event: you almost always have a chance to recover and win, but also winning is more definitive, with more units/tech, when it happens.

I think lower costs and higher pop would mean games aren’t ‘over’ if they simply lose some units and then it’s less like ‘owel I lost 6 archers of resources, so im behind’. It would change how events and rushes occur, but as usual, powers and tech trees can still tip the tide of a game; it stops underworlds and sands, and other powers from being as potentially game-breaking, and frees up room for a ‘response/counter’, rather than instantly being behind etc.

I don’t think any RTS (regardless of my opinion on them) has such a low pop model where like defeating 5 to 10 units can turn the tide of a game lol. e.g. Did defeating 14 archers/skirmishers with a few knights mean you lost the game? Usually not.

Yes, I think they must be discussing it in FE and they already have experience balancing 3 DE, so many good things are coming for AoM with Retold…

Age of mythology need more pop.
I agree with It.

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I don’t think they will put more than 200 pop, maybe they will reduce the pop number of the units…

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This would be enough

The population cap in AoM is 300 by default.
The pop cap is not the issue, it’s the house limit.

The issue is that each military unit cost several population.

The average pop. per player is 160. This is ok. The problem is that each military unit cost 2-5 population.

I 100% agree. Population caps were not only unfun (limited to only couple of myth units) but made town centers absolutely game ending.

Losing a TC to enemy and playing with 140 pop against 180 when 80 pop is taken by vills was just ridiculous.

So yes, preferably they increase amount of houses to 14 (so 200 pop with 3 tcs) and reduce pop cost of most non-hero military units by 1.

Now I do understand why original AoM and DE have such low pop caps. It was such an old poorly optimized game and lags were insane in higher pop scenarios, and sometimes even in regular games