AoM Retold should have more population

The big issue with AoM has always been the population. AoM Retold could be a BOOM in AoE saga, but only if the game has a higher population.

I think the perfect solution would be to reduce -1 population for each military unit.


AoM was released with a bad timing, it was released 1/4 year after one of the most successful RTS of all time, Warfract 3, which also had a none historical setting.

Warcraft 3 is not dead thanks to reforged so now AoM’s rival is gone it can only be successful!
Joking, but it’s somewhat true. AoMR will face less competition on release.

Another issue AoM has is that it’s early 3D and early 3D aged badly.
The models are just really low poly and the textures are really low resolution.
It’s just not nice to look at nowadays.

And the technical limitations of the time also mean that all the fancy things like god powers can’t look as awesome as they could with todays technology.

That’s kind of a random pick.
I agree that it’s annoying and I think it’s mostly because of the technical limitations of the time.
I don’t know if they will change that though since it would completely change the balance of the game.


Each military unit cost 2 population (less Hades ghost).

With a population of -1 in general, normal units would cost 1 population, cavalry 2… However, this could be balanced in the future, but for the release of the game, it is a good start

Low population is the big fail that AoM has always had.
IF THIS ISSUE IS NOT FIXED, AoM Retold will not be a boom.


I’d really like that you elaborate on “why” the pop cap is an issue. All the time I played this game I’ve never found it to be problematic. It might be a bit of a stretch to claim that this is AoM’s biggest issue…

Population is the issue that has limited AoM from being another typical AoE. A strategy game where in late you have an army of 20 units, is wrong in that aspect.

I going you share with you a topic in Reddit. The majority of the comments agree that the low population in AoM is what has prevented it from being on par with the other AoE games

[(2) Why is age of mythology not as popular as a competitive rts?
(Reddit - Dive into anything)

I supose that you are not a competitive player.

Ah yes, of course, famously succesful and noncontroversial rerelease, Warcraft III Reforged.

I believe just reducing everything’s population may lead to balance issues just due to how the way the game is balanced, they could increase the max popcap like they did with AoE2 though. It’s not like Warcraft 3 where having a tiny popcap was baked into the balance too.

Indeed, I’m not a competitive player. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s the first time I hear about this complaint and I am very doubtful it dragged down the name of AoM that much.

Changing pop across the board is very reckless though and is one way to shake the entire balance of the game. Basically creating a whole other problem.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard about this, that´s because you haven’t visited enough forums. Population in AoM is one of their biggest complaints since the game was released.

( I mentioned ‘competitive player’ because if you are a competitive player, you need to create many villagers, and you don’t have enough space to have a large army )

As I mentioned, a game with only 20 units in the late game has a problem

If the population is not increased this game is likely to remain marginal.

Reddit poll where 71% of AoM fans want to increase population.
Age of Mythology Retold population limit poll : AgeofMythology (

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You can already get over 200 pop by controlling settlements. Why is that still an issue to you?

It’s a big complaint in many rts games, not only aom

Why do you think the fanatic or myrmidon cost 3 pop? They shouldn’t cost same pop as a hoplite. And knowing how FE do on balancing Aoe3, I wouldn’t go that route.

However, I would be ok with a slight increase in base max pop. Maybe 240 or 250, but not 300 or more like some of you propose.

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I wouldn’t say its the big issue but I agree , population should increase . It’s understandable when it first released because of the hardware limitation but nowadays that’s not a problem , the fact it has auto queue makes easier to control a lot of units as well.

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AOE2 - 200 pop limit - all units cost 1 pop
AOE3 - 200 pop liimit - military units usually cost 1-2 pop, ships don’t take off additional population space
AOM - 160 pop limit - military units usually cost 2-3 pop

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In AoM is the main complain. 20 UNIT IN LATE

It is a very strong unit. Devs decided to increase the population cost of this unit specifically.

The problem is not the base population, the problem is that military units cost too population and you cant have a decent army.

Honestly, I bassed in

  1. The polls
  2. The complains of the comunity since the game was released
  3. My friends who played AoM too
  4. Me
    yes, it is the biggest complain.

Let’s not forget the engine limitations, 3d rts were new when the game came out. Aoe3 had no such things as god powers and the engine was improved.

As I said, the game was balanced this way and I don’t think the best option is to reconsider every unit cost to make them 1 pop, way too much work. The best solution is to increase the pop cap.

So this is your answer? If you only have 20 units in late game that means you don’t control settlements. Simple as that. I’ve suggested on another thread that losing a settlement could be less punitive than it is currently. But I wouldn’t change the core of the game.

As you said, “when the game came out” in 2002. Now we are in 2023, those limitations don´t exist. The game should have population system like AoE3 and AoE4.

I don´t care if the number is 120, 160 or 200. My complaint, and that of many people, is that you don’t see many troops on the screen, not the population number you have.

You have 160 population, which is what each player gets. 60 villagers (or more), 20-30 traders. You have an average of 80 population left, divided by an average army population of 3. That’s 29 units or fewer

Yes, that’s what I said. Now read a little bit further. Here:

settlements, settlements, settlements.

Bro, you only have 3 settlements per player. If you have more, the enemy have less. The average number of settlements per player is 3, so you count a max of 160 pop. average.

Stop arguing something that would only condemn AoM to remain the little brother of the saga AoE, when it could be among the greats. The imbalance can be balanced… if the game is released with such low population, it will continue to be marginal within AoE.

STOP fighting for the game to be worse.

@BaphometSLM average army in mid game AoM, 28 units (in late is even less)

Average army in AoE3 (similar in AoE4)

If the issue with population is not solved (-1 per military unit per releasing for example) this game remains being marginal

I don’t want AOM Total War.