AoM Retold will be built on AoE 3 Bang engine version

Classic AoE 3 was built upon an advanced AoM Bang version.

If devs built and upgrade the same engine to cover both games (like AoE II and RoR future DLC) that means that engine upgrades for AoM Retold could be carried over to AoE III DE.

I’m highly hopping about a MP interface update, like the concept that was shown on the forums some time ago. You know, being able to see online friends easier and a moder modern GUI.


So we know why it’s quiet about AoE 3 - most likely the creators of AoE 3 are busy working for AoM:R.

So if AoM:R is seriously going to be a remake on the AoE 3 DE engine then we can expect this game to be supported for some time - so probably not for a very long time there will be no AoM 2, which probably wouldn’t make sense in the face of a remake of this games that can be developed for a very long time.

It makes me sad that the developers probably need to be more focused on creating AoM: R instead of developing AoE 3. In fact, nothing really new interesting has been added to the game since October 2022. The promised Big Spring Update if it was in March is a complete disappointment - I hope I’m wrong and we haven’t received it yet.


Yeah, the pessimistic side of me suspects this spells the end for any more 3DE DLC. I love AoM but this would be awfully bittersweet. A heavy price to pay. One I wish we didn’t have to take.

I’m sure there will be some updates but if all hands are on deck with AoMRE then I’d be shocked if the devs have the time/manpower to devote to more content. I mean, it’s already been confirmed our devs are being reallocated to AoMRE…

Maybe we’ll get a clear picture when this update drops.


That’s indeed very pessimistic, they really aren’t going fully sacrifice AOE3 DE for AOM, with all respect it’s not an aoe game but just a spin off.

Even if we don’t get a DLC a single civ is still very possible.


I hope you are right. I’m just thinking a full-on remake would be a lot more labor-intensive than a remaster. We just gotta let World’s Edge know there’s still plenty of interest for more 3DE DLC. We need to be vocal.

There have been little subtle hints here and there that more content is coming. It’s best not to assume anything at this point until confirmation.


I am still hoping for an Asian dlc that’s my biggest wish.

But the whole thing is the communication is a bit lack luster. We often don’t know where we stand, so people start to speculate about the future.

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Sorry, but I think this would be better in the AoM section, I’ll move it.


This implies a few things:

  1. Most of the gameplay will likely feel very close to the original AoM since it’s a never version of the same engine.
  2. The whole campaign will likely have to remade because of the differences and also new possibilities the engine has.
  3. Every AoM custom scenario or random map won’t be compatible with AoMR unlike all the AoE3 scenarios that still work in AoE3DE.

One very obvious difference is that AoE3 has different cliffs. In AoM cliffs are just an impassable terrain texture that usually happens to be on a steep gradient but doesn’t have to.
In AoE3 cliffs are a kind of object that overlays the terrain and looks a lot better.
Probably every single AoM campaign mission has cliffs in it so all of them are going to have to be redesigned not just simply remade in the new engine. Mixing both cliff types wouldn’t look good and there are a few very mountainous scenarios in the AoM campaign.
I’m especially curious how the underworld parts will look like. They could turn out to be amazing. They were already a big seeling point for AoM already. Something you can’t have in any AoE game.

Some other possible implications

  • Could support round maps
  • Units could have melee and ranged attacks
  • Units using torches against buildings instead of hitting them with a sword
  • Units could have AoE3 like stances (maybe limber and bombard mode on siege weapons)
  • active abilities on some myth units and heroes
  • UI that shows damage modifiers and resource collection rates
  • Batch training (as a special technology or civilisation feature)
  • Lower density forests. In AoE3 most forests can be walked through by armies.
  • Animals move in herds
  • Livestock that fattens at a building and can be purchased

I’m ignoring all the purely visual changes like the destruction of buildings.


This can be great…

Considering how long it takes to port AOE1 into AOE2 (also the same engine but updated), and that AOM is far more complicated than AOE1, I start to worry about this. It’s far more than an HD edition or texture rework but essentially creating a new game.

That’s true… that’s why I consider that there will be at least one year of development from May of last year until this October… that would be a year and a half of work…

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Yes, I would expect a full year at min. or even more of work.

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I want a version of the Age of mythology:Retold When will it be officially released? We will redo Atlantis and Chinese mythological units, redo more battles, and create more new units, such as map editors for the new civilizations of Japan, Aztec, Maya, Babylon, Rome, India, and Sumerian. The four civilizations will need to make more heroic units. I hope developers can make the Age of mythology:Retold version will be officially released for a long time When will it be available steam and Microsoft store and trailer, do AoE 3 Bang engine en have any opinions the Age of mythology:Retold

There is no official release date.
I think it’s likely 2024.

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Yeah 2023 would be sweet but very unlikely. More like 2024 and that’s for the good cause like that quality will increase for sure. so don’t worry not too long to wait.

i personally hope for the old school square maps :smiley:


It turns out this video is a bit misleading, regardless if it’s still a 50/50 that it will use Aoe3DE as a base for some reason. Not sure why it’s being said 100% confirmed.

The excerpt of video is from an old podcast. And he is extrapolating information… While he says “it’s confirmed it’s a remake not a remaster”, the info still is just extrapolated by analyzing some old video from like 2022 October and really just speculation (not ‘confirmed’).

I’d prefer a remaster using AoM’s same engine, and that’s less work. Change almost everything, including balances. Accessibility is key: players seemed to like AoE2DE, even though it was mainly a aesthetic/visual remake of AoE2HD. Remaking AoM onto AoE3, while it could be done by a team within a few months (or possibly done already) would be problematic; it’s just like adding a small problem with the hope that the AoE3DE engine won’t have overall problems, which it does have; It still had/has lag, units getting stuck, performance issues, etc… as you slowly revert different code to newer code. Perhaps they hope that ‘small unknown changes’ were made, and the logic would be they’ll boost it overall that way once they copied in Settlements, Civs, Units, abilities, and remake it to the maps again until it stops crashing, that they’d be better off overall; yet you’re still making a game for like 4 or 5 civs, not like 12 civs, with settlements system, and stuff not present in aoe3… lol. Devs will either create that ‘extra work’ for no reason, or they’ll compile aomEE which they already have, or start working on aom’s direct source code to change/improve it; it’s pretty simple logic, do more work and make more bugs, or avoid all of that.

Nothing in AoE3DE shows that its style, performance, or anything, while more extensive, was actually better for maintaining players. It’d simply be lazy or obvious if devs just took that and changed the colors and stuff out of it. I think it still has low player counts, but overall more players than AoM just because of how much civs and extras it has; but not overall better gameplay itself. It’s only ‘more modern’ like it still has a few UI things like the friends list, civ page, and UI system (things that AOM had, but ESO system shut down). I only like the way the civs create your own homepage and small customizable things that are technically aesthetics, for that it’s easier if they got stuck to reference how AoE3DE did it, probably make AoM into 64bit, stability with easier mods, adding in better AI and mods to the game by itself, and all this other stuff that I’m hoping will be added or redone; sometimes the so called useless stuff is important.


I don’t think anyone of us here can judge how different the engines of AoM and AoE3 are nor how much big underlying improvements AoE3DE has done.

AoE3DE has very little technical issues in my experiences and fixed a lot of bugs that existed in legacy AoE3 (and some even AoM).
It’s very hard to tell how much AoM features are still in the AoE3DE code, maybe they planned on doing AoMR from the beginning and left all those features in on purpose.

Even if it’s more work to port AoM to the AoE3DE engine then just improving the engine it will be less work in the long run because they only have to maintain one engine instead of 2 engines.
The same reason why they are doing the RoR DLC for AoE2 now, so they don’t have to maintain 2 versions of the engine.

It would probably be pretty stupid not the use the AoE3DE engine unless there are more differences between the AoM version and the AoE3 version of the engine.

AoMEE was also made by a different team, and they were not good at it as one can see. The list of issues with AoMEE is extremely long and includes a lot of bugs.

Not sure how you come to the conclusion that AoE3DE is more buggy then AoMEE.


From my experience not even looking up the bug posts (which are in the forums):

There are still similar post processing lag issues (like AoMEE). It has lower FPS.

FPS/performance drops a lot, leading to window freezing, especially in 3v3 situations with numbers- AOM could be similar but population is too low to usually see such a case. (imagine, having to have a ‘strong computer’ to play aoe3 again lol, but it’s true)

Units ‘pathing’ was never fine, they said it’s improved. Some people always say to tweak this whenever something doesn’t go their way. (I thought it was ‘fine’ but it’s definitely not ‘better/improved’ over AoM)

Units getting ‘stuck’ still happened, but it was improved again, but this is an AoE3DE specific bug and usually happened in the native settlements.

Still the occasional memory crash that is addressed, possibly caused by the user though.

Black rendering bug that is caused by user or usually left unsolved for some people.

etc… (some of these are same or very similar on AoMEE)

Wouldn’t it be better to invest the time into fixing those issues in AoE3DE and then also having them fixed in AoMR for free basically, instead of doing a lot of improvements on base of the old AoM engine?

We don’t know how long they have been working on AoMR or how long ago they decided to use the same engine as for AoE3DE, I mean we don’t even know how long the development of AoE3DE took in the first place.

So there are chances they already planned on using the same engine for AoM when they were working on AoE3DE.