Any chance of any news related to Aom:Retold being released soon

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I doubt we’ll see anything this year.

The survey they just ran included questions about what we would like to see in AoM Retold. I think it means that they might make big changes based on the feedback, so it may take a while before they are ready to announce anything.

Seems to be the case, Hopefully we can get that Reworked Naval system they had back in the Alpha Aom.

What survey would this have been? Only I’ve been away for a while so have not known whats been going on.

The Age of Empires franchise survey which I think ran for a few weeks until September 14th.

FEB 23rd BABYYYYY. cant wait


We can’t wait to find out if it will have new gameplay of the powers of gods and titans, even civilizations, and if they will add new content. In a week’s time we’ll all be clear!

With the announcement made in Steam, I observed that Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlantean civilizations will be present in AOM: Retold. The Chinese civilization was added with the ‘Tale of the Dragon’ DLC for AOM: Extended Edition. Will the Chinese civilization and its campaign be present in AOM: Retold? If not, why?

I noticed in the presentation video, the part where they show some shots taken in their studio, that there’s already a Beta version in Steam.

Devs, I’m so ready to be a beta tester for AOMR and provide you with bugs reports and user feedback with a luxurious level of detail!

I think that it will, but at a later date. They are probably focusing on the original and the DLC and after that on the “expanded universe” (calling it like that cause its not from the original game. I think that it is a good plan and keeping with AOE2/3/4 they will probably make a 2 civ DLC, and put Chinese with Hindu or Japanese; keeping and asian theme; or maybe Chinise and Aztec. I think that it would be a good idea. But I do hope that if they do this new civ with campaigns they do it a more AOM way and not AOE that bring usually 6 missions, am expecting at least 12 to 20 missions campaigns so that they can showcase most if not all of the new civ

I completely agree with your point. It could be an excellent idea to add more civilizations, such as the Hindu and Japanese, as you commented. Both have an incredible Mythology that would fit perfectly with AOM universe. And yes, developers should definitely focus on more on campaign missions, especially if based in each civilization universe, such as separate campaigns for each new civilization that is added.

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i dream with the idea of aztecas in AOM!! Try to imagine those tasty sacrifices for the gods. Maybe they can collect favor with this oferring. Try to imagine every new mecanics!


What am imagining is that u have a priest or unit that can convert enemys and if u take those to the temple it gives u favor; it should be a lot cause it is hard and can be dependent on the unit u capture/convert. But for mp it would be really hard to do it in a competitive way, so maybe being able to sacrifice your own villagers would be a cheaper solution. Like lets say making them way cheaper that the usual villager to balance it but they dont give as much favor. But yeah, a lot of cool mechanics; there is actually a mod call the new gods or something like that, that adds the aztecs; but never played it and no idea how they generate favour

I really wish we had some news already


Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative.