API / Data availability

So far I am absolutely loving this game!!! I cannot recommend it highly enough!!! can’t wait to see what content comes next either…

… To that end, as my friends and I have been playing more and more we have been lefting wanting for some deeper analysis of the post-game stats. And the real solution we would love to eventually see in the game is either the ability to export the existing stats from each game to do our own analysis or even better, if we could get some kind of API call/Odata feed access to the game data to model out ourselves. there’s just so much to consider even at this early stage of the game and insights to be gleaned by going through time to each age, unit/collection #'s over the time of the game, etc… Right now we’re keeping basic scoring data manually (yuck) in a spreadsheet. So here’s to hoping the devs hear all us data nerds just scrambling to take this game to the next level!!