Appears to be no campaign progress indicator or graceful mission transition

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33059.0 4403463
  • Platform: Steam


There appears to be no indication of campaign progress or graceful transitions between missions in the William Wallace campaign and I am losing my place. Am I missing something?

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Install game
  2. Play and beat tutorial
  3. Return to campaign
  4. Click on the first mission on the WW campaign map
  5. Realize it’s the same mission you just played
  6. Abort Mission and return to campaign map.
  7. Load second mission and complete it
  8. Again observe no graceful transition between missions and return to the campaign map
  9. View the campaign map and observe that
    A. All missions are available
    B. There is no indicator on which missions you have completed and which ones you havent

Hi @Nullcoda, I noticed this issue as well. Did you participate in the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition beta with the same Steam account or no?

I did not. No. I wasn’t even aware of the beta.

Okay. I thought perhaps this may be an issue with cloud save but it appears to be an issue with the game itself.

It is important to keep all Wallace (tutorial) missions always available, so that player can play preferred missions to learn about some specific part of game. They must be available from the start, so that player can skip missions not useful to him.

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Thanks @OwnAirplane3203. I wasn’t 100% sure the way it is currently in-game is on purpose.