Appreciation Post

Could you share where you learned that foot soldiers can build siege weapons? I was not aware of this feature.

Delhi sultanate


  • Asymmetric civs and the way they are being implemented.
  • The modern and minimalistic UI, which takes up minimal space.
  • Graphics of environment and buildings / towns.

I actually forgot to add, I really like that every civ will have its own identity. I love Age 2, but I couldn’t care less about which CIV I want to go play- all them have same units essentially and they look and play almost the same.

I really hope they give us expansions made of more unique civs and more balanced patches and less microtransactions.

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I really love the map design and that it has hills, cliffs and valleys and is not just a flat maps. I really hope they will be huge like in the past.

Hello, there are new topics on the forum for appreciation posts. It would be nice to put them together in this one which is the very first one I think.

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So it looks like 1 civ units can also build walls… seems like there are 2 types of gates? I would expect to see 2 types of towers too, one for the walls and one stand alone…

These are Palisade and Stone Gates i assume :wink:

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