Appreciation topic : The game is awesome

I see all the naysayers going crazy for details that are perfectly fine.
I see you guys, but the game is well designed. It is really good.

The graphisms are nice, the zoom is perfectly functional.
Sure the balance could be better but it’s day 2 so let them work. Even after 10 years an Esport game like LoL isn’t balanced… and ranked isn’t live yet so you can’t complain about people abusing a meta.

Mini-map is completly fine, you have to adapt.

It’s super smooth and all the tutorials are on point.
Don’t get me started on the story it’s insanely good.

This is a great game, so if you’re afraid to not be able to adapt. well… TRY HARDER BEFORE SPAMING FORUMS ABOUT YOUR INSECURITIES


Big agree here , couldn’t have said it any better


This will help your cause for sure.


“the graphics are nice the zoom is functional”

true, i actually somewhat agree

however its not an upgrade from the game i already play, aoe2de
in fact the zoom is a massive downgrade from that and aoe3de

why would i play the game with less options?
(including hotkeys)

In a vacuum, yes this is a perfectly fine game, but when we have other massivley succesful entries in the series, and the new game takes a step BACKWARDS…
theres just no good reason to switch and its a big dissapointment to those of us expecting the new game to deliver.

Thanks for saving that for posterity and prevent a certain ninja-edit.


I fully assume my words. A lot of hysterical posts are all over the place and sometimes you have to speak the language of your ennemy.

No one is an enemy here, we ALL just want AoE4 to be really good. The standards are very high, that is true.


The critics are terrorizing all of AOE4! It’s the time for us to fight back.


If the minority composed of jaded people completly monopolize the public discussion then it doesn’t serve the community. It’s actually the opposite, thus they became the ennemy of the majority of people wishing for the game to have a good press and a growing exposure.

Oh, I gave AoE4 a positive review on Steam because I want it so much to succeed, but I will continue to be a very vocal critic on these forums, which the press dont check and which are meant for feedback to improve the game.

I appreciate your dedication. I respect your opinion. On my part I’ll keep trying to balance the negative posts by letting lurkers know that there’s not only haters in the community.
The problem is that nowadays people don’t trust press, they always check forums social medias where people only throw their tantrum while people appreciating are playing the game

How does one stick to the community guidelines in being civilised and respectful when it literally says this :thinking:

Basically asking, no begging for a conflict.

And then he says this. Wow. So much contradiction in one post. All in the span of less than 30 minutes.

It’s no wonder like minded people would like or agree to this post.

For an account created 38min ago you know a lot about the forum right?It’s almost like you are someone known here for being biased and decided to create a new account just to shameless trash talk people that want improvements for a game that clearly have a lot to be improved without being called out.

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Why do you gain by NOT criticizing ANY aspect of this game? Is it really the perfect game for you? Do you think the devs are going to give you a copy for free because you are so nice? The game has issues. We, as fans are supposed to voice our complaints and our concerns so that the game ends up being better for it. Nobody here wants to see AoE fail.

The more people like you come here to simply say “BEST GAME EVAH! Critics are just voicing their insecurities”, the less the game is going to see constructive changes.

Do you think No Man’s Sky would’ve been basically redone if nobody had shouted their anger? Thank god this is nowhere near as bad as that was at launch, but it’s very, very far from perfect.