Apprectiation post for the devs and the community

Hi everyone,

Be patient guys because I am going to tqlk about ky story first with this game 11.

I was a kid when I played this game for the first time, maybe 10 or even less, it was many years ago, I played AOE1 first then AOE2. With growing up and with life stuff, I stopped the game for years. Back then, I never played online or even know anything about online especially for AOE, back then only counter-strike and
conquer generals were famous in my day for online or LAN parties. I thought AOE is just a dead game and I am the only one who is playing it LOL. I only played it vs AI and tried many times to tell my friends about how this game is great but they never listened 11.

After many years of stopping playing the game, I was on the youtube, then I found a channel called “Spirit of the law” and what it was about?! AOE2!!! I was like "WHAAAAAAATTT?! Is this thing still alive?! And a channel with hundred of thousands of views?! I was totally surprised! More civs! Community! Casters! It was a whole new world! I never thought the game would have all this! But it is!

Then I saw that the game got a remaster (DE) and I was like what?! The first time that I back after I heard that the game got a DE. I even never heard about Voobly before. I uploaded the DE then start to play after many years of stopping.

Why did I say all this stuff? Because after all those years I was really happy how the game grew up and how the great devs with such a great community kept this game alive.

Thank you devs for your hard work, updates, remasters, adding more contents and creat such a great compatitive area for the game and keeping it alive! Many Thanks to the great community, thank you MembTv, thank you T90, thank you Dave, thank you spirit of the law, thank you TWEST, Lidakor, Pros and evey player for this game!

Thank you everyone!



The first line is ironic as to how you are asking everyone to be patient then go on to show your own impatience while writing with silly typos that occur only when you are typing in a hurry - “Apprectiation”, “tqlk”, “ky”.


I also love this game. would definitely love more if less stuff break with updates, and love it a lot more if they speed fix everything and update with fixes rather than waiting 1-2 months, or 6+ months at times for a fix

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Have fun exploring all the new features, civs, maps, campaigns and so on! :slightly_smiling_face:

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