Arabia Hills Complaint

While I realize arabia could be open and aggressive under current balance, I will not argue to either side if this should be the case - I am aware that some might consider it too un-wallable by some, the trees currently do not affect my defensive style but it most certainly affects other defensive styles.

That being said the subject of this thread is to focus on the condensed hills forward and sometimes to the sides of the tc or behind rarely(if indeed they do appear behind at a distance): I prefer the previous hill generation where they tend to be on the edges of the map and towards the center of the map - defensively even without walls it is preferred to build the main base and castles away from possible hills that trebs and other siege may be used from unless that castle is good to hold such a hill itself. The hills currently are too close and too many around the tc. I ask that this be considered as a form of middle ground between the two arguing sides.


i would keep the current hills around the tc and add more hills in the middle

I like it as it is. More hills, forces you to adapt more. Like it.

. Only complaint I have is that devs took away cliffs and oases.

The biggest problem with the hills is that there are too many and there is always a bigger hill; you can’t claim them all with castles, and the enemy will always have a vantage point to snipe your base from.

While I don’t like the predictability of the new arabia generally so far I think what the hills was a decent job. While resources usually now spawn in the same pattern the hils seem pretty randomly distributed. Before you rarely had hills in front of your tc but always towards the middle. Now they can be everywhere. And they indeed are everywhere. Maybe they overdid it a little and the hill generation could be a bit less extreme I guess.


I hate the new Arabia with a passion. It’s basically turned into a bigger Socotra with hills. All-in feudal cheese strats like towers or scouts. Messy games, not fun at all. They shouldn’t be changing such a legendary classic map this much. Ruined it. I pretty much exclusively played Arabia and I’ve had to ban it now.