Arabia should be removed from the current map pool and a second option should be created for arabia

Half of the games playing on arabia. Players who dont want to play in arabia, waste their ban right for arabia. Arabia should remove from map pool and should be independent option. If a player wants to play in arabia, he/she have to add arabia to his/her map pool and use his/her ban and favourite rights for other maps.


same is true for arena. i for one only want to play on arena but i have to alt f4 a bunch to avoid non arena maps. this becomes an issue as it wastes my time and other peoples time espetialy when i get paired with the same arena banner over and over. this is basicaly another version of the infinite map bans people ask for and some people oposse.

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If you only want to play 1 map, then the lobby should be the way to go. You have free reign over the map picks. So this is already into the game.


I think that removing the wildly most popular competitive map from ANY ranked map pool is a silly idea.

I appreciate that you are looking for one solution to the alt-f4 problem, though, OP. But I am sure that there will be better solutions :slight_smile:

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No. It does not remove arabia from ranked map. You just making it like a joker map. Banning it or choosing it as a favourite does not effect your ban or favourite rights. players will still has a 1 ban right and 1 favourite right.

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Did you mean ‘arabia’ here rather than ‘arena’?

(note, if their post gets edited they originally said ‘arena’ here).

I am going by the opening part of the OP’s thread title ‘Arabia should be removed from the current map pool and’.

If what you mean doesn’t involve actually removing it then I think that the name of the thread should be changed.

it’s funny that I stated the fact about how non-sense this thread is and I was being reported.

Don’t you know why you need to use your “ban” on Arabia in order to avoid this map? because you know the fact that most people prefer playing this map.

Keep on raise out your personal preference without any reasons, without really considering the fact that Arabia is the most common map people’s playing.

LOl. You have no idea about topic. Read it again. I dont say remove arabia from ranked system and dont let players play arabia. I say give arabia special position;so, when a player choosed as a favourite or banned arabia: He/she can still use a ban or a prefer right for other maps.


I am an Arabia player. If it was the Arabia before the patch update then I would agree with you. But most Arabia players are favouriting Runestones. Honestly I would be happy to keep Runestones as the new Arabia. That’s how much I hate the new Arabia map.


For 1v1s I think it’d be nice to have 4 queues, with players being able to queue for as many as they want: Arabia, Arena, Random Land Map, and Full Random. And the two multi-map queues should be kept up-to-date with maps from the main tournaments.

I think it’s pretty clear that Arabia and Arena are the most popular 1v1 maps.

But right now if I want to play Arena, I have to ban Arabia and still end up playing maps like Ghost Lake or Migration because the queue matches me with someone who favorites Arabia and bans Arena. At that point it’s probably better just to Alt+F4 because neither of us wants to play that map. I’d much rather wait a longer time to get a decent Arena game. The unranked lobbies aren’t a replacement for a ranked system, it’s not possible to get a balanced game there unless it’s arranged between players outside of the game.


yes yes and yesss. you have illustrated my opinions beautifully. i wish people would understand that those of us who want to play arena and need to alt f4 to do it are not simly selfish childs.

the lobby browser is not a replacement for ranked que. you might as well tell someone to play vs the AI. there is absolutly no balance in the lobby browser and most players there are extremly bad.


Great, so almost anyone will go to the arabia queue and people who want to play something else get completely screwed, more than they’re now.

Provided that the other player actually didn’t want to play the map you alt-f4 on. But there is no way for you to verify that. Chances are they favorited the map and are hoping to finally play it, only to get alt-f4ed on.

So it is still pretty selfish.

It does not remove arabia from current ranked queue. It just giving it a special position.

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Why not just have the same system with 8 maps with 3 bans but then in advanced options you can enable all the other maps you want from the entire map pool? That way you still only have 3 bans from the main 8 maps but you can add any other extra maps which aren’t featured. Just leave the maps you don’t want which aren’t in the main 8 map pool unchecked in advanced options.

Now go tell that to the deva who killed the DM ladder. Although I disagree that most players are extremely bad :confused:

Isn’t this idea really just having 9 maps in the pool and 1 extra ban? Would this really change anything?