Arabian myth and pre islamic and islam?

i want arabian myth on aom and three goddes main


This is cool for Levantine DLC: Arabs, Israelites and Mesopotamians. Persians also?

Cradle of Myths DLC

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How is this going to relate with Israelites if I may ask?

Israelites make a base for 3 greatest religions of the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

But that’s not a myth :joy:


You can call it that, no problem :wink:
I am a Catholic and it would not bother me :smiley:

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Calling a fact myth is strange to me :thinking:

Another DLC name could be…

Born of civilization?

Arabian, Persian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian…


In the original game they used the middle eastern mythical creatures for the other existing civs. They might do a Babylonian Pantheon but others are a bit more complicated. These middle eastern units that are already in the game: Roc, Leviathan, Behemoth, and Golem.

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all ancient scriptures are about myths.

I don’t think any mainstream religions should be in aom, it opens up a whole new can of worms.

The three largest monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) share the same genesis - the Hebrews who professed faith in Yahweh.

If you add Hebrews, you won’t open a new can of worms :wink:

Oh you sweet summer child…

What do you mean?

No problem to create such a civ (in place of Gods, give angels). Adding it completely does not risk opening a can of worms - because this culture is the ancestor of all three great monotheistic religions.

No, it will most definitely bring up fanatics.

Very good idea. I’m Arabian and let me tell you this, this land is ancient and full of myths and epics which would make an excellent baseline for a good story (if done correctly)

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