Arbalester or Genoese Crossbowman?

Italians has this unique unit nearly making its arbalester obsolete. Is there any scenario that the arbalester can perform better than Genoese Crossbowmen? I am wondering if it is necessary to ignore the upgrades of archer line for Italians.

I am also curious about if a fully upgraded arbarlester having a ‘True’ range of 8. I mean arbalester has 8 range but only 7 Line of sight. Can it attack enemy 8 tiles away?

If you are facing an infantry civ for example, it would be better to go with Arbalesters as they are easier to mass. But if you are playing against a cav civ, Genoese Crossbowmen would be a better option. Also, Genoese Crossbowmen can survive an onager shot, arbalesters can’t unless you are Vietnamese.

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Range upgrades also increase line of sight. So an arbalest with +3 range also has +3 los.