Archer civ winrates for the majority of players are abysmal on latest patch

Archer nerf makes archers even harder to use in lower elos compared to noob friendly knight spam

37% for koreans wow


and? 20 charactersss


let’s be real, the sample size is still quite small and volatile. give it time for people to adjust



50.73% (415)

3.67% (818)

WTF, mayans jsut barely over 50 %… That’s absurd.

@RadiatingBlade edit: Please stay on topic.

i mean if you really want to base it on such a small sample size go look at 2K+ and see what the winrate is.


You can do it on your own.

How much of a sample size you want to have? Like 2 years of knight civ dominance until it’s enough for you? Until you are just completely bored of only seeing knights basically every game?


1700+ they are sitting around 54% winrate.

more then a couple hundred to say the least.

okay, how do you nerf knights for most the player base without impacting their power too much at the pro level?

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Total Games in Query: 11156


and how many games were Mayans played? 818. not a whole lot of games there.


It’s almost like it would help if our statistics sites provided confidence intervals >.>

If it helps I was planning to update ageofstatistics next week sometime but yer needless to say I would caution against over interpretation of any numbers just yet.


Then go ahead and calc the condidence interval of it.
I know how I can. But surely you don’t.

What i can see is that when I increase the minimum ELO to a mere 1700, the winrate of Mayans goes up to nearly 54%, so yeah, I’d say the world isn’t falling yet.
and at 1500 elo Vikings are sitting at over 55% winrate. so again, nothing is really stabilized and i doubt the world is ending.

Furthermore the change has been live for what, 2 weeks tops? give it time for people to adjust.

But since you want to nerf the knights so bad - go ahead and propose a nerf for the knights that will hurt them. keep in mind that the nerf to archers wasn’t anything permanently damaging the actual unit.

I on the other hand would rather wait for more then just two weeks worth of data before looking deep into the data.

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It’s 1.7 % mate. So, please try stop fooling people here.

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I’m not fooling anyone.
I am just saying

  1. we don’t have a lot of data
  2. people haven’t had much time to adjust
  3. there are still archer civs performing solidly regardless.
  4. as ELO goes up, Mayans winrate goes up.
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You don’t know what you are talking about, ok?
So please let interpreting the data to the people who know this stuff.


yeah because you’ve proven to be so honest and have so much honesty with your 11156 sample size comment. You’re so hard up to nerf knights that you literally lied about Mayans sample size.

You cry foul about two weeks data, You lie about the sample size, and then you talk down after lieing. Welcome to ignore.


Only because you aren’t specific doesn’t mean others lie when they try to respond to you.
So yeah just go ahead and try twisting it, but that doesn’t make it better.

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Uh what? how much more specific can we get? you commented on Mayans winrate.

I pointed out

the small sample size.

How much more specific can we get? we were literally talking about the MAYANS at the time.
So yeah. You’re again being dishonest.

you’re literally the one trying to twist it right now.
at the time we were BLATANTLY talking about Mayans.


800 matches is a great sample size, the numbers shoudn’t change a lot after a few houndred games…

But I would not use numbers from the first weeks after patch, mayans players should adapt and learn what to with this changes


archer are still the only unit that matters in the most-played game mode (teamgames)

position-pick completely destroyed any unit balance. guarnatee briton + mayan forward spawns. no risk. no downside. no counterplay. nothing interacts. mangonel is a joke. skrim is a joke. knights lose to archers because lol pathing

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