Archers in Walls

pros doesnt use it , but casuals do my friend.

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Archers on walls is good. If you locked cannons behind a wall of tech or made them civ-specific like you’re proposing, you know how easy it would be to win the game with 10 layers of stone walls rushing a wonder? Cannons are what make late game flexible by causing urgency and combat tension. You might be romanticizing the whole “slug-fest at the gates!!” lord of the rings type epicness, and that sounds super fun tbh. But it’s something you should mod into the game and play with your buddies when mod tools come out.

Without cannons, skilled players will rush stone walls+archers offensively early game for map control on 1v1s. In 3v3 or 4v4, players will siphon resources to a single player who rushes a wonder while the others build 10+ layers of stone walls. The actuality of the changes you’re talking about will be boring and imbalanced. Stone walls exist in this game in their current state in a balanced relationship to cannons. Maybe they’ll be nerfed by 5% or 10% damage to building in future patches, which we’ll have to wait and see. But outright removing them or making them civ-specific would ruin late game combat flexibility.

Canon are making the game look like paper craft.

The first to make canon and mass it , win rhe game XD

Also , canon is a siege weapon and not considered has a unit, in the unit conter chart. XD

I feel like a good counter would be to be able to build cannon and or springald emplacements on wall sections or to move artillery onto walls as to counter enemy cannons and artillery

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