Archers on Wall Immersion

Curious to peoples thoughts.

I was thinking of an upgrade to the Guard-Tower that specifically creates non-controllable archers. That are automated to walk along the stone walls ?

With this being a new mechanic, would be good for immersion and could perhaps have a trade off to replace “silts”/other defensive options for the Guard-Tower.

While it would only give a few archers, that would get more than less, steamrolled by an attacking army and their archers. The player could always manually move their archers from their army to the wall.

Mostly for an aesthetic view/play ?
Would be more beneficial to casual players and otherwise players would mostly want army on ground, just ready to move out?

It is just a ‘hypothetical suggestion’ and nothing based off on “limited knowledge”.
1)Maybe they could be “grey” or more neutral colored archers so it is obvious. AND will be, being on your walls… you’re not going to lose track of where your walls are… right?!
2)Yes… i know you can just chuck your whole archer army on the wall, just saying… for example… if you go attack and you lose your army. It be cool to look back at your town, and it would feel more alive seeing ‘patroling archer guards’ or even static on your wall… Then just empty barren walls. (Because you’d want to take ALL army, not leave on wall for when go attack)
3)And most times, people won’t have archer on the wall cause you have to get a good scout intel, of the enemy army coming your way. Otherwise… it really doesn’t matter, because your archers shoot from the ground behind your wall anyway shrug.
4)Exactly that to… “Can place as many units on wall, until there is no space left on the wall” … this looks silly tbh lol… But i’m sure it will be done IF you happen to know your opponent is attacking.

  • High ground bonus ?? Everyone get up there!!
  1. Like … it’s just extra clicks to, everyone will just want to rally point ALL military buildings to the one spot. But then it just becomes like extra clicks to move archers to the walls… and (4) it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing when they are all just bunched in one spot… I just thought a simple “upgrade” of being able to hire throws arms in air “Mercenary Archers” who are obviously on your team, because, you aren’t going to lose track of your walls… lol. Would create a nice aesthetic, if they spawned in a more spaced ‘spawn’ along the wall. Or maybe given an automated movement of patrol…

For the simple purpose of really bringing a more profound immersion to the game… while also being a gameplay ‘defensive’ system. - And to balance it out, would be the trade off of, can’t upgrade Guard-Tower to “Silts” or whatever upgrades they have.


Could be frustrating for new player I think, as it would be hard to know which units you can control and which units you can’t.


You can put many archers on the wall, not few

Wait, archers on the walls will be uncontrollable?

No. Not from what I gathered. At least there was nothing yet that would suggest that. Semms like the OP made a lot of assumptions from limited knowledge

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Oh please, you can put archers on the wall and you can even put infantry on the wall. all units you can control. and you can also put as many archers or infantry on the wall as you want. You can place them on the wall until there is no space left on the wall.


I never see it in age of empire serie (automated denfence unit, that patrol wall or roads) and i am not sure they will had it.

But still, I think new players will see it cool, if ever age of empire developpers had specific dedicated units to towers , baracks or any other buildings.

It would give a litle more life, then a empty wall or roads.

Defence could be a specific units.

Defence units are not ment for attack and can’t go too far away of theire spawn buildings or their patrol road, so not selecting them or controling them is fine.

If the defence unit die… well… player would need to buy again the basic cost of the unit, in the apropriate building.

Defence units are ment to give the first alarm, to react fast whit out order, to fix broken buildings when in peace, to figth back litle group of invaders (or spy), to install temporaly suport structure on attacked buildings ( that would colaps if the buildings did not have it), to use defensive siege weapons and take out enemy siege weapon.

Defence units could be there to give a harder time to enemy, in what would have been a easy attack.

Maybe not have them in population, but give them maintenance cost.

Having more passive upgrades like that would make sense. It would become a macro decision of investing into upgrades instead of reserving army to stand around.
The early release trailer showed what looked like an armory upgrade for a wall-piece, and archers patrolling. Guess they at least envisioned something like that at some point:

(source: 2019 trailer)

With the system so far, I don’t see myself manning my walls on purpose at all times (stronghold style). It limits mobility by quite a bit (units have to get off the wall first and find a gate before moving towards outranging siege for example).

There’s also no real fight over the wall itself (depends a lot on the balance between the up-close siege methods like siege towers and rams versus long distance bombardment). If bombardment turns out more powerful and save, why bother fighting over the wall? Just level the thing and walk through.

Exactly. I also can see some cheesing potential with the wall bonus: Why not place short wall pieces for your troops to quickly get a height bonus. It’s kinda like relocating onto a hill in AOE2 just that you can build it wherever.


Yeah, and these stone wall passive archer guards can perhaps cost more than the usual archer to.
So it isn’t an obvious choice to just create them from the Guard-Tower. Rather than archery range.
They could even cost like 200 Food + 200 Wood each - This would also give a good visual of… hey this player is doing well Macro wise… as should be something being grabbed more end-game.