ARCHERS should not be able to build RAMS

Everything said in the title
Pretty ridiculous that you could rush age 2 without any effort by building mass rams in a full range comp.
This is destroying the game in many many ways.

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Are you talking about 1 vs 1 or team games? It definitely takes an effort to rush in with nothing but longbows and rams if you expect to win with that alone.

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dude the game is balanced for esport in 1v1 (multi is just a fun side) and there is every body spamming archers and ramz - this is totally unplayable
no meta
no skill
just pack 20 archers and keep building rams

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In 1v1 it can be pretty easy to defend using your TC fire/towers/villagers. You can mostly ignore it then crush them after.

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Archer and ram combo is only strong because units need to much time to toch the ram. XD

The OP need to learn how to deal with it because ram are pretty bad in the current meta. There are pretty much never archer / ram push age 2 right now.

The ram push is only viable if the other player makes a second TC (you have to push that TC) or if they do Fast Castle (you have to disturb the echo and push houses and military buildings with the ram.

It depends on the map and what the other player does, I think it is still viable.

Logically if they go to 1 TC and defend in second age, they can stop you well.

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Pro scout is the only viable strat right now

lmao, there is only this in this meta

While you being under fire from 20 longbows ? fun

I think horsemen did not deserve nerf. Now a group or archers can one-shot them.

What’s your elo?_______________

but once rams are down you regarrison and your towers/TC fire scares the longbow away giving you time to make your own army (mangonel maybe).

YOU PROBABLY THE KIND PLAYERS WHO BOOMING ALIKE A MAD MAN … GREED SPAMMING VILLAGERS WITHOUT SPENDING RESSOURCES ON DEFENCES AND UNITS… this is not the problem of the game … its the problem of how you play and how you react to the situation… you need to scout the oponnents to see what they are up too.

dude 1 ram cost 300 wood… its expensive if they manage to eliminate you its means that they playeds better than you, learn how to counter and how to scout and how defence.

It destroy noob players everytime. You cant win a $20,000 tournament with just Archers and Rams. FYI.

Actualy, you are rigth.

You need villager that gather a few gold and food, and alot on wood. You make a few archers that will go in enemy base and pump out mass of rams.

Enemy villager will focus on killing ram and forget to gather resource.

Hastime pass, enemy will be late in gathering resource and ram mass will dominate.

Question: What’s stopping you from building archers and/or knights/horsemen/towers/vills and killing his archers and rams?

Answer: Nothing except not being as good as your opponent.