Architecture for south east Europe

I think that the civilizations of south east Europe (Byzantines, Bulgarians … Georgians … maybe even the Turks?) Should have this architecture (made official) From the mod for AoE II hd ‘Catbarf’s Byzantine Buildings’ by Catbarf


Really pretty

How does it look in Feudal tho?

I think it looks fine, but I think if they did use it, the devs would have to recreate it, so it fits the games style better, that looks more like the previous versions of the game.


Well, that was made for HD, so they’d obviously have to remake it.

This doesn’t look Byzantine and Bulgarian to me (or any other southeastern European country), it looks more like Mediterranean style.


What are you talking about. This set is a Eastern Roman set, tiled buildings, roundish monasteries and town houses (Constantinople). There are more building models for the Feudal set as well.

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Maybe look up some Byzantine buildings, I just did, and it looks a lot like them.


A new Chinese, Ethiopian and Incan building set would be cool too imo


Yes, for the hd in the last period before the release of DE a lot of really beautiful architectural sets had been created (practically one for each civilization), together there were also unique sets of units for each cultural group

For those who asked about the feudal period


I think that current Easter European architecture just needs a slight update as i mentioned in my post.

It is excellent representation of slavic architecture, just some minor but necessary changes are needed!

Lets hope it comes along a black sea DLC