Are active combat skills underwhelming?

Besides the active skills of the Mongol Khan, which might be the only “hero” unit the game has (and Wololo which is well balanced and all civs are able to do it).
All other active combat skills seems to be pretty underwhelming to the point of being, at best, a very small situational option that only MAYBE might give you something good for it…

The only skills that actually do something substantial are either economic and/or kind of automatic passive skills (Chinese supervisor/Prelates/etc).

What do you think of active combat skills?

Late game is so much blob vs blob and spamming late game siege that I’m not sure stuff like “volley” is even worth the APM of locating it and clicking it

I think they are well balanced. Nice and useful sometimes, but without turning the game into a RTS x MOBA. Longbow healing and anti-charge is fairly nice. Pavise +5 ranged armor can come in very clutch. There’s not many units with actives, maybe we will see a few more, but not too many.

I think activated abilities are meant to be very situational and personally I very much like it that way :slight_smile:


It will be more interesting to add the heroes that in the campaign slightly them to normal game. I like the explorer design of AOE3