Are camels viable in lategame? (just a question)

I have no experience playing india (besides a few matches vs AI), but playing vs them in multiplayer, i rarely encounter camels in late game

so are they terrible (lategame) units?..or are elephants just better?..or are my enemies just camel-haters ^^?

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On treaty I just train them if I have to catch a daymio, opris or mass cavalry since they cost less pop and move faster. Nothing else

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so you only use zamburaks and sowars are useless at that point?

If I dont get wood for mahouts maybe I train them vs a mass of light inf. If there are muskets is a no no. Currently rockets are amazing, so just resist a bit until they come.

Camels are very niche as we cant use their cards because other ones are a must on treaty while devs dont stop adding more

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ah ok, i understand now :slight_smile: ty

Nah, they are terrible units in every format, except a 0.1% cases mentioned by @Ekdal1378 above

In 1v1 I can’t tell you maybe better elephants or elephants (mahout) with some sowar, in team games elephants if they don’t have much anticav even if it’s too difficult to use them and there are very few mass(I don’t invest in cards, I already have other more important cards to send and elephants are also easily countered). In the team, mass counts a lot especially if of quality and who manages to have it in the shortest possible time when losing mass therefore the sowar at their cost perform well against weak heavy cavalry and light infantry or simply to block units or raid (quest 'last not really good) while the elephants have the same purpose only that you use them more as a shield or to destroy certain buildings but for their cost of resources and pop and for their training it is not worth it in late game i.e. 5 elephants are always useful but it depends on what the opponent has and if you will be able to use all 5 of them because if he gets in the middle of buildings he will fight 1 elephant or maximum 2 and the others will turn around while with sowar it is different even when they fight in a less confined space or near a wood the sowar will run better and the elephants won’t (in 2v2 it’s a different matter they are more useful as in 1v1 even more useful) I play India in an all oh my so I can do elephants at most in mid game and in late I use sowar for the reason I explained to you. Zamburack the more you go late and the more it scales badly because it has little life and is easily counterable by many units including heavy cavalry so it is better to use sepoys against heavy cavalry and support and anti-raid zamburacks. Indeed the Indian cavalry is only a cavalry specialized against certain units so a cavalry support, infantry being in the front line and cavalry supporting it in its purpose in the team is even better because you are supporting your allies.
Watch out for zamburack before late game (before 20 or 25 minutes or so and you’re in 4 ages of course it’s still a good unit but I’ve seen how they get destroyed or you struggle to hold so it’s better to use sepoys together with gurkhas for example and you use zamburacks to support if they have a lot of cavalry or if they raid you, add sowar if your gurkhas don’t win against other light infantry, the same thing as zamburacks goes for elephants especially mahouts (howdahs are already much more useful and good but that’s the point upstairs).
I am referring to supremacy in the treaty will certainly be different

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Zamburaks need to catch up in range to their European counterparts at ages 4 and 5.

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Not now, but zamburaks at least has the potential to be a really good unit, but in this moment are extremely fragile. Zowars are really bad for a 2 pop unit, elephant are the only cav viable now, but mahout and hawdah are really hard in pop cost IMO even with age IV card.

Zamburacks would need just a little more health in age 4, sowar does its job well especially with the light infantry nerf on the cavalry, now they will be much better, sowar’s purpose is to use them against light infantry or to trap units and shield but must not beat other cavalry such as hussars or their counters (of equal number).

eu considero um zamburak um mosqueteiro russo com os stats que ele tem na idade 2

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Currently their range is 12, while the dragons can reach a range of 14 (with the armory upgrade), and I think the US Carabinieri can reach 16.

In addition, horse archers can also reach 14 range. Improving this would not have to make many other changes in the unit. Maybe it would give them a good melee attack against cavalry in general.

zamburacks however have high damage against heavy cavalry due to high multipliers and are cheaper and are “tighter” in formations which you can cover artillery like falconets, you have to see the impact giving zamburacks more life because if you have no life you don’t exploit the damage maybe a 2 more range could be useful (count that you also have masnadar for the zamburack) in 2 age the unit is quite good even if not versatile only useful for heavy cavalry counter because everything else it does little harm, I think that from age 3 you need to increase the range a little by 5% more and in age 4 by 5% or 10% more, also adding 2 ranges if necessary (to try) because lately I tried to make them work and they’re tough against certain cavalry so I’d always switch to gurkha+sepoy+sowar or elephants more than zamburack as they’re too fragile and when the heavy cavalry blocks you you’re done.

if it occupies only one population…