Are Celts the only civ not changed in DE? Celt Paladin is still worst in the game

Should’ve got bloodlines and or plate barding armor. It’s also historically accurate … looking at you guys that decided the civ changes.

The game isnt about historical accuracy and celts have a solid 54% winrate. They dont need a buff.


If anything Celts should have had Paladin removed so no-one can fall into that trap again, which would likely improve their win rate.

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Compare them to other civs especially the news ones and they fall short.

They dont fall short at all, they have the strongest siege in the game, a good economy and solid infantry, all the new civs are cavalry civs, celts are not.

And all the new civs were purposely made too strong, likely to get people to play them.

Celtic paladins are working good in single player. Definitely better than cavaliers as long as player has resources for the paladin upgrade.
Let it be each player’s decision whether to upgrade/train them. Similar to training archers as spanish.

That’s what makes the game cool, Celts have the pala option but it is expensive and not that good, so you have to decide. They may be great for certain situations.

Sometimes Malay Cavalier is the best, ask Lirreey.

Celt heavy cav archer however always a no go :sweat_smile:.


Never used the celt paladin. Always felt like it was, well ■■■■.

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