Are developers aware that arrows are broken?

I don’t care about graphics or animations in general but the way arrows (and other projectiles to a lesser extent) move is extremely distracting. The issues are so numerous to list here but here is a good recap and I hope developers watch it and decide to redevelop how projectile physics work from scratch.

I haven’t seen an arrow implementation this primitive in any game that contains arrows in the last 15 years, and I can’t get over how no one decided they needed to be re-implemented before the game ships, from developers to directors to publishers. It just shows a massive lack of attention to detail. Or people who just don’t care, and don’t show the kind of perfectionism that fans expect.

I understand that strategies, balance etc are what matters most in a game like aoe but these details are so off-putting that developers shouldn’t expect new players to patiently get over them and learn the game until they get to the “fun” part.

Heck AOE2 arrows look and move way better. I hope that a revamp of projectile physics is in the works, after so much feedback like the youtube video above was expressed way before release.
If not it just means that the studio dev managers either don’t have the needed attention to detail to handle an AAA game or completely don’t care…


I love when a group of archers snipe my vils from max range even if I am fast and garrison then after they shoot.

Man , arrows are nice now jeez.

Why? because every time someone criticises the game for it’s flaws and ask for devs to fix those, a lot of people come and say the game is ok, it doesn’t have any flaws, that these are minor things that don’t matter much, and that you should learn developing a game is not easy and to be thankful we have a game that has “potential” (the same thing that people are saying to defend the devs of Battlefield 2042: “it has potential”).

So it easier to the people in charge to focus on those comments and say “hey, the game is ok, good job everyone”. This and other graphical issues were reported since the closed beta and even then, people defended it. This is the result.


No way am I watching a 30 minute video on arrow animations. Such a silly thing to nitpick. Just like the complaints that things are not the scale.

This is not sim-type game. It’s like criticizing Forza Horizon for not having realistic driving. It’s not Forza Motorsport.

For u may be, for me it was the fist thing that i noticed in Closed Beta.
The very first thing. After were discovered a lot of bugs etc. But visually it were the fist thing.

And somehow game in 1999 managed to make good arrows, but in 2021 everything were forgotten.

Shame on devs for chosen gamedesign.
As SOTL suggested they just cut the corners


Personally i find them really distracting, they need to be fixed. I can’t imagine that the devs are okay with their current state.