Are DLC/Expansions going to be in this game or not?

I know some people don’t like DLC, but they could add civilizations with it or add new game features to all groups. You can speculate and discuss what you would want in the future of this game down below.

I imagine that there’s a good chance for expansions and DLC for AoE IV.

Since this is the Age4 section I assume you’re referring to this new, unknown game.

I don’t like being nickel and dimed for DLC, as it makes me feel like I’m never actually done paying for the game, so I’d prefer expansions. Also mod support.

I know how much DLC was criticized for its release, and most companies do not do DLC properly. When done right it could add so much to the game.

Looks like the results will be expansions only, which I don’t mind. As long as they don’t go pay 2 win or freemium stuff. Even worse they could add an ingame currency like EA and ruin the game completely. Those options make DLC not so bad of an option. I am a bit older and like expansions the best like the rest of you, so I am good if the game goes either way.

I selected none of the above. For one simple reason. Many gaming companies are going to micro transaction models in order to streamline profits so that the company can continue to support and expand the game. With that said I think that there is going to be a mixture of micro transactions/expansions/dlc. I think the game will start as follows:

  1. The game will release with 6-8 civilizations and a main story line to go with it.

  2. After a few months they will start to release some form of micro transaction system. Hopefully it wont be p2w and mostly cosmetic for either units or deco for your home town.

  3. After a few more months they will release their first expansion/dlc that will include a new civ with a new game mode.

This cycle will continue as long as they can generate a decent profit with the game model they provide.

Microsoft has attempted to do this already with age of empires online but failed because the contracted company Gas Powered Games who was making the game was going bankrupt and was trying to squeeze more money out of Microsoft. So Microsoft threw in the towel and shutdown the project due to cost, which is sad because the game had huge potential if they would have went with a more experienced company in the rts genre.

I think they will try to attempt doing this same model again but at a higher level.

Micro transactions I think might show up in the game.

  1. There will be a currency for in game purchases, which can be earned from loot chests after completing quests.

  2. Storage expansion

  3. Vanity/cosmetics

  4. Hometown structures/terrain/map location

  5. Civ name changes

  6. Booster packs, (experience, rarity, speed boost for crafting)


  1. Civs

  2. Map Editor

  3. game modes like king of the hill, Defend The wonder, etc

  4. etc

I just have a feeling that this is where Microsoft is going to go with this game. If you look at Minecraft, they are already doing dlc/expansions with “episodes” in Minecraft: Story mode. A lot of companies are trying the same model with micro transactions.