Are future Civs free? Or are they DLCs?

It just seems this game’s full price is expensive as it is… but will future Civs be given away as free updates like Overwatch?
Will it be expansions? Or is each Civ going to be a DLC?

Any word from Relic on what they want to do?


My guess is that we will get paid expansions, like with the older ApE titles. So more than one civ and maybe campaigns but we have to pay for it.


I don’t know, I wouldn’t think about it.
Especially let them put everything in order before the release

Maybe they will add a few civs for free after the premiere as part of the update, but I would not count on the fact that the developers are not going to create paid DLCs.

Maybe we will get two civs for free (those that would not be a sale hit, but are worth adding), e.g. the second promised Indian civ, the Kingdom of Hungary and Tsardom of Bulgaria civ.

Civs such as Byzantium, Ottoman, Poland, Vikings, Spain, Portugal, Persia and Siam would not be added for free for a very simple reason - they are the civs that would be sales hits.

Potential American and African civs would be added in themed DLCs.


Aoe3 de got some free expansions, no?

AoE 3 DE got 2 civs for free - Incas and Swedes civs.

AoE 2 DE got The Last Khans DLC for free - with four new civs.

It was basically a DLC with a buttload of content and upgraded graphics, so a good deal

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I think us was free too if you did some misisons

Yes, but due to the fact that USA civ is a DLC I count them as paid civ.

If you count the USA as a free civilisation that it’s the only free civilisation.
Everything else so far was payed.

The USA DLC was likely a test and I think it was successful, it got more people to play the game again than the African DLC.

So maybe some civilisations will be added on their own with an ingame event to unlock them for free.

It’s Microsoft. The business model is sell crap and get people to pay more to make it work. How old are you? They’ve been doing this for over 30 years.


Adam said that there will be a Major update for the game in spring 2022 in the last world’s edge Q&A video , but dunno if it’s gonna contain new civs or not .


Do you have a link to that video?

Absolutely true for - the real totally-belong-in-vanilla Civs - Roman Empire / Byzantines & Turks (Seljuks, Ottomans). No questions about it.
Persia would be awesome, Poland-Lithuania and Japan too… but Siam would be a sales hit? :no_mouth:
I’d like to see an African Civ sometime in the future, Ethiopia and Hausa are so damn cool in AoE3!


Here you go , Can’t remmeber which minute it was .

Do you think they’ve spent 4 years developing the game + provide free servers for a one time $60 price? Don’t be naive!


All in all, USA civ which offers nothing more than USA civ has 2 times lower price than the African DLC which offers 2 new civs from Africa, a lot of new African maps with new Minor Nations, 3 Historical Battles and achievements.

Comparing both of these DLC it turns out that USA civ is damn expensive as it only offers one civ (which is similar to the european civ on steroids).

The Roman Empire is not this timeframe. Byzantium was his successor. A Byzantine & Ottoman DLC would be the perfect first DLC for AoE 4 - a surefire hit.

To be honest it is a pity that the creators did not give the Japanese civ in place of the Mughal civ. Then they could make the perfect pair for DLC - Persia & Mughals…

Poland-Lithuania civ & Vikings civ in one DLC would be great.

This is a civ that has not appeared in any part of the AoE series. It did not appear in the AoE 2 DLC focused on the region this civ is from - which I consider to be a weak solution. I think a lot of people would like to play as Siamese civ.


Songhai & Ethiopia & Morocco - an excellent trio