Are mouse key rebindings frowned upon?

I have a razer mouse that comes with some firmware that let’s you rebind all the inputs on it. I first rebinded some of the buttons to numbers so I could use them as control groups. Then I thought if I rebind two of the buttons to shift and cntrl it will let me do key combinations like cntrl+k while only requiring one button push with the left hand. Then I realised that even the scroll can be reassigned, and thought for something like spam queuing units or spam clicking a castle you’re building it could be super powerful to have that on the scroll. But now I’m thinking that maybe that’s taking it too far. Are keybindings allowed in tournaments? Are they seen as creative and interesting or are they seen as bad sportsmanship?

Edit: I’m not asking about macros. Just keybinds.


many people do this and the game allows it even without any specific razer mouse software, I don’t think this is frowned upon, and it if is, it shouldn’t be :man_shrugging:


It most definitely is frowned upon by some peeps. But then again tons of things are frowned upon. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Tons of people are doing the things that tons of other people are frowning at. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


Generally simple tools to use extra mouse buttons are fine. It becomes a problem when you do more advanced stuff and bind multiple actions into a single button press (there have been problems with Monk macros in the past).

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Interesting. I did that with other games but never with AoE. It does a lot of sense though. With the software you can create a macros which do several button presses in a few microseconds.

For example if you always play a MAA rush you can set the following command when you hit feudal:

Go to barracks
Research MAA
Go to lumber camp
Research double bitaxe
Go to TC
Produce Villager
Produce Villager
Go to Group 1

You can do all this in half a second just with the press of a button. You don’t have to stop microing your Militia. And you never forget anything…

How can you do that?

But how much time does that actually save?

Barracks should be selected already, and vills queued. So all you have to do is
Research maa
select lumbercamp and research (should be in the same hotkey).
So you give up on one mouse hotkey to possibly save pressing a+h+h once in the entire game.

I think there are few makros that actually make sense. Producing vills certainly does, but most others dont.

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In the Razor software there is a macro section. You can bind a keyboard press to a mouse button. You can also bind multiple keyboard presses with timed delay. For example:

When you press mouse button 5 you activate macro 1.

Macro 1:
Press A
Wait 5 microseconds
Press B

You can also program something like:

Press X
Wait 15microseconds
Press Y
Hold Y for 500microseconds

Not sure , hitting feudal is the hardest thing to do in a MAA build order because you usually have all 3Militia in the enemy base but really don’t want to lose them before the MAA upgrade comes in so you usually micro constantly.
And no. If you already qued up 2 Vills you might not have the food for the MAA upgrade. Then you have to go back, deque one vill, go to your Barack’s again and meanwhile your Militia run into the enemy TC…

And how can you do that :rofl::rofl::rofl:…for example if i have a mouse with 5 buttons i will name them do some works? For example button “1” click B (Barraks), button 2 creat militia, button 3 m@a like this?!

Then queue up just 1 vill. TC working time is more valuable than hitting your maa upgrade 1s earlier.

Even if we include another click to jump to barracks, you still give up 1 hotkey to press 1 instead of 3 buttons once per game.

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The topic is about a programmable mouse, EG from Razer. You can bind any number of actions on a single button.


I often use the extra mouse buttons as hotkeys, for example in the numpad of the mouse I have the number 10 idle vills, 11 for TC and 12 for notifications (I use the others for control groups).

Then some time ago I binded 2 keys on the fire button, left click and q, to faster click patrol, and letf click and g on the mouse 3 for the attack ground command.
But since I didn’t understood if those were counted as macro, and consequently as cheating, I often avoid using that configuration online…

Yeah, that type of “multiple actions on one button” would be “frowned upon” and prohibited in tournaments. Not sure if DE has any anti-cheat to detect that type of macro.

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